Do you believe in what your Horoscope tells you?

So do you believe it is true what your Horoscope tells you?


Let me tell you that I personally believe in astrology.

It is a Vedic science in my view.A person practicing astrology Should follow certain principles.It is a divine science and not a mere mathematical calculation to learn by everybody..
It requires intuitive powers,in my opinion.To acquire intuitive powers is not that easy,Unless a person speaks truth always and does worship of Lord of his fatth.He must follow certain rules lais down and pray and read the Horoscope.Then only he will be able to intererpret correctly.Without intuition any astological reading will be wrong.
The Horoscopic chart should also be correct.
So both Horoscope and astrologer shall be correct.If he is not talented , the readings will be , or may be wrong.For that you need not blame the science,If no human mind is required with intutive powers,a soft ware could be developed just like for a Chess game.
But here the mind with Divine intuition plays role.Thats why the soft ware can not be developed correctly.
If an astrologer is there for commercial purpose purely, he may not succeed Definitely after reading he will be offered a Dakshina with reverenve.But in anticipation of it, or putting a rate already for weekly fore cast,monthly forecast etc are definitely are incorrect way and will not yeild correct result and bring disrepute to Astrology.

That is my humblre opinion.If I am wrong I may be corrected and I will be grateful .
Thanks in advance

I’m one of those people who’s horoscope is usually (90%) accurate for me. I only read them after the day has passed to see if anything made sense. I’m always amazed at how accurate they are for me. It may not be that way for some people who have given incorrect birth information or who’s rising or moon signs are so much stronger than their sun sign. If you really want to know if it’s about you (in the wrong sign), read them all and see what comes closer. That’s how I found out my correct rising sign. For years I was following Aries and it never fit. Then I started reading other signs and found that Capricorn was me to a fault.

Then I had my chart done by a professional with a computer and my rising sign surely was 14 degrees 29 minutes into Capricorn. My twin sister’s rising sign is 20 degrees 16 minutes in Capricorn. So you see, even twins born only 22 minutes apart can sometimes have completely different rising signs.

Most of the news paper horoscopes give Aries as the general rising sign for everyone. That’s the biggest reason why most people’s horoscopes don’t sound right.

No, the general run, “one size-fits-all” are just for fun. They are amusing to read in the paper because usually just the opposite is true. Some say it’s science and others say it’s superstition. I like to keep an open mind about astrology as in some aspects, it seems to make as much sense if not more than other beliefs. Astrology has been around for thousands of years and I find it interesting reading but I haven’t studied it in depth. One would have to have a deep interest to learn all there is to know about where the planets are and all the terms and the star charts, etc. Maybe they know something the rest of us don’t. They don’t seem like the jolliest people on Earth now do they?

Yeah I Do Sometimes But I Don’t Get Mad If It Did Not Happen most of the time it comes out to be true oh yeah I’m a Leo B-day August 2

I get mine from The Onion. They are award winning (so they claim) and the most entertaining!
Here are a few for this week:
Your Birthday Today
You’ve often said that you’d trade everything in your life for another chance at happiness. Sadly, few have expressed interest in your complete collection of Doctor Who figurines thus far.

Aries March 21 – April 19
Although you believe that everyone is entitled to his own opinion, sometimes you wish that doctors would keep what they think to themselves.

Taurus April 20 – May 20
Remember: Whoever said that “money isn’t everything” was probably being paid to write proverbs for a living.

Gemini May 21 – June 21
Avoid making any important decisions this week, as the tumor lodged inside your brain will make it difficult for you to think clearly.

Cancer June 22 – July 22
A rampaging mob of torch-wielding villagers will gather at your door this week after learning what a monster you are on the inside.

Leo July 23 – August 22
Passion will enter your life this week, stop momentarily to regain its bearings, curse two to three times underneath its breath, and slowly inch its way back out the door.

Virgo August 23 – September 22
Second-guessing yourself this week will only lead to more problems. Or will it? Yeah, it probably will.


not really…but i have to admit that sometimes it tells things like especially for me, and other times what’s in my life at the moment and in my horoscope are 2 parallel things that seems like they’ll never i guess i only thrust my instinct, because this way I’m always right

Um, no. They are written to easily fit into any situation that you may have going on in your life right now. They are sometimes eerily appropriate tho. I would not think less of someone who would put their faith in it though as long as that is what they want to believe in, w/e.

sometimes. Some of the things are so true at times.

My horoscope is either a few days behind or a few days ahead, whatever the case, it is always wrong.

Hi, No I definitively do not believe in my horoscope, I believe in me, in destinty but Horoscopes are made by men.

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