Conservatives, what could you possibly have against President Obama encouraging kids to stay in school?

Staying in School contrary to popular belief is not a Left Wing Socialist Agenda, as many of you call it, but it places responsibility on the child to do their work, so that they can pursue higher education and get a job.

What is wrong with that?

Must you criticize everything that the President is doing?

It does not matter to conservatives those kids are collateral damage, it does not matter who gets hurt as long as Obama is a one term president

The simple answer is “yes.” Republicans must criticize everything the president is doing. Even when he proposes legislation typically favored by Republicans, like tax cuts.

A couple of weeks ago they were criticizing Michelle Obama because she encouraged everyone to eat nutritious food. … can’t win with them.

There is nothing wrong with urging kids to stay in school.

Too bad everything else Obama is doing is crap.

Are teachers going to be allowed to teach or is this more Liberal crap social engineering. Saying that it’s good to be gay is not what schools are for. Kids should be taught the day’s lessons regardless of what sexuality they’re supposed to emulate that day. Gender specific terms are not evil.

I’m not what you’d refer to as a conservative, but I do feel that in western nations we have a tendency to want kids to be over qualified. We encourage kids to go on to college even if they are not really up to the challenge and ultimately this lessens the worth of a college degree.

If he simply wants school age kids to stay in school, then no, I see no issue with that.

I’m a conservative, I don’t have anything against that.
Maybe beause education these days is not education at all. Its just teaching children how America is evil and communism is great. Indocrination.

Haven’t you heard? Cons hate those scary smart people, that’s why college is only a place for liberal scum.

Most kids who go to public school end up in prison, addicted to drugs, or in a gang. US Public schools are not a good environment for kids.

Only conservatives could find fault with that.

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