Can I win the Formula One race with my toy car (pic inside)…..?

Something like this…


Aw, that was rather cute, the little fellow is so happy race or no race he has won many hearts. May God bless him.

As for you, I’m sure you’d win the race if you try. We do conduct an annual puppy race at our gymkhana. Ha!. I’d even bet a 100 rupees on you.

I must warn Mr. Shumacher. He has a tough competitor on the block.

You have my best wishes my friend, if you run you will definitely win.

By the way, that photo is very good.

Lol troll but yes thats cute

yes,by starting the race at the finish line..hahaha

Yup..the toy formula race..:)

lol cute

you might have a chance if you break the other driver’s legs, poison their food, slash their tires and break their computer equipment!

Gotta buy it,it’s 50% off 😀

totally,,, because the rest would crash trying to avoid running over you

i hope you enjoy being last in every race..

haha! yeah you can!
then i can chop you with my train:-)

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