Atomic/Nuclear and Hydrogen Bombs?

Are they the same or are they different? If so how are they different is regards to how they work (don’t have to explain in depth), what type of materials are used, etc, thanks in advance

A standard atomic bomb uses fission to generate the explosion and the shockwave. A nuclear material such as uranium-235 or plutonium-239 is induced to undergo an uncontrolled chain reaction, releasing the energy in an explosive manner.

A hydrogen bomb uses fission to detonate a fusion reaction, which is much more powerful and generates a tremendous amount of heat and energy. Initially, a fission bomb is detonated, producing heat and neutrons. These act on a material called lithium deuteride, which is converted to tritium and deuterium (both forms of hydrogen), and they mix to form plasma under the high temperature. The plasma then undergoes fusion, much like the Sun, generating tremendous amounts of energy in a thermonuclear explosion.

First bombs have been made with Plutonium or Uranium delivered which contain sufficient stress and mass to create a sequence reaction, many of the Atoms breaking down right away and liberating super quantity of capacity interior the approach. those are Fission bombs, super atoms exchange to smaller atoms. A Hydrogen bomb progressed later is greater useful. makes use of a Fission explosion like above, and provides Fusion gasoline. The Fusion gasoline is in lots of cases Hydrogen with added Protons, Deuterium or Tritium. the Fission bomb is going off, the a number of the capacity is absorbed by the Fusion gasoline and that starts off a great chain reaction, fusing smaller atoms into larger atoms. A Neutron Bomb is yet another form of bomb, even though if it somewhat is purely a Fission bomb set as much as shrink explosive stress, yet maximize radioactive fallout.

first, nuclear is the weakest of the three, then atom, then hydrogen…. Those are the top three and r verry powerful

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