Are the attacks on US embassies in the Middle East in recent days really over a movie?

In a piece at Front Page Magazine today, Caroline Glick argues that the answer is no:

One would not have drawn this conclusion, of course, on the basis of the news coverage in recent days. At any rate, it turns out…

Nope, Obama’s just looking for something to apologize over. These attacks were planned months ago, do you think that it’s a coincidence that they occurred on 9/11? This administration just wants to apologize for being “offensive”, it should tell you something that our leaderships first action in this crisis was to condemn freedom of speech. When our leaders care more about the feelings of foreigners than they do about our lives the time has come for new leaders. Will Obama be there for you if you get killed for saying something “offensive”? Will your kids have to worry about what they say for fear of offending fanatics across the globe? If you believe in free speech you need to speak up now.

Considering the fact that Muslim extremists haven’t any recognize for others in any respect, just like some other extremist has no appreciate for others, they are deluded and brainwashed into thinking what they do is proper. Nearly all Muslims look again on Sept. 11 with disgrace, I simply desire the Muslim Council of best Britain would converse out much more often, they were unusually quiet when those so called Muslims set fire to Poppy’s on remembrance day, i don’t get why

The attack on the embassy in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack on 9/11. Al Quida released a video the day before asking people in Libya to protest and attack U.S. interests.
The protests in Egypt seem to be because of the film. I think the filmmakers need to be thoroughly investigated. It’s possible someone dubbed the film in Arabic and circulated it in the middle east on purpose to incite rioting.

Interesting. So there’s the policial undertow that CNN alluded to….. but hasn’t given specifics on. I wonder if they’ll manage to!!

Accordingly, the two riots are related, started by the same group of people. In Libya a distraction for a terrorist event. In both, a directed effort to stir unrest at the U.S. on the night of 9/11. The movie was shown on a Muslim Egyptian channel!! THAT’s how it got this attention!

That he made this – then claimed to be Israeli, while being Coptic Christian – is itself bizarre. It fits nicely into this politico game if he was paid to create to FOR the purpose of stirring up that 9/11 unrest riots…. (He himself obviously being a nut & not representative of Coptic Christians.)

The Libya embassy attack came on the 11th anniversary of the tragic 9/11 attacks; I don’t think that’s just a coincidence. It’s sad that the US did not have enough MILITARY presence to PROTECT our Ambassador and secure the embassy. The riots in Egypt and Yemen are over that movie, to which the filmmaker should be held accountable, it was just irresponsible. Terrorism has ties to Egypt, and Yemen (in 2000 this is where the USS COLE was when Al Qaeda attacked it)
Anyone who knows about Islam knows the leaders of the community worldwide are very exacting when their religion is publicly insulted. Google “fatwa” and see what comes up; they’ve threatened Hollywood filmmakers to change their movies, Swedish cartoonists who portray Mohammad in comic strips, journalists. The fact that the director is ISRAELI, just makes it 10 times WORSE because of the IRAN feels about ISRAEL and millions of Muslim feel about the Jewish.

I think the citizens that are attacking are over the movie but the orchestrated attack that killed the US ambassador and 4 others, if it is proven to have been orchestrated, is likely a terrorist attack to be times with the 9/11 anniversary.

It maybe a hugh over reaction to a movie. It is more likely Al Quida planned the attack in Libya weeks ago.

The ultimate butthurt. And I’m Mormon lol.

The answer is no,there is no excuse for cold-blooded murder.

its really stupid that one dumbass made a movie and the rest have to suffer for his mistakes

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