Anyone else feel like a complete loser?

Yes or no?

and state your reasons

-i have no friends at all. i am a complete loner.
-my parents are divorced and they both hate me. i have one sister who thinks im weird so hasn’t spoken to me in 8 years
-never had a real boyfriend or dated. and i’m 19
-been bullied a lot
-got fired from…

Hey Heather, you became a contact of mine so I looked at a few of your questions.
They are all ‘am I ugly? I was bullied in high school, only the losers like me.’
I don’t know a single thing about you except what I read on this website. I want to tell you some things you may or may not know.
First, stop trying to hang out only with the popular kids. The popular kids aren’t the cool kids, cheerleaders aren’t cool. Cheer leading, as an idea, is pretty stupid. There are one million things someone could be doing at any given moment and these people chose to wear a tiny amount of clothes and yell at groups of people who are only interested in the game. (The cool people are all in the art rooms, libraries, back stage at the school plays, in the band room, at home getting high and playing Mario Kart. Be nice to them and they will be nice back, in 5 years they will be authors, scientists, directors, children’s book illustrators, rock stars, award winners, important leaders, or a good source for drugs)
If you want to stop being a loner stop thinking in terms of ugly and beautiful. I just counted 18 questions of ‘Am I pretty? How can I improve?’ in two pages on your account which leads me to believe you feel people need to be gorgeous to be liked, you know you are good looking, you don’t know why the sorority girls you want to like you don’t.
It is because they are close minded and they have the confidence to pull it off. The reason they have this confidence is because girls are begging to get into their sorority and when they bully someone they’ll go sit in the bathroom at lunch instead of stand up and fight back. When I was 14 I became a feminist and I never once let someone bully me. If someone within earshot was making fun of someone else I would, and still do, stick up for that person even if they aren’t around. I highly suggest you read some books or websites about feminism. Try “Full Frontal Feminism” by Jessica Valenti
If it’s guys (or girls) you are worried about impressing then remember there is a person out there for everyone. I just saw an mtv true life where a guy with a foot fetish got engaged to a girl he only met in person once. He would stick his fingers in between her shoe and foot and smell them for pleasure. If this guy can score some, anyone can. I’m not advising you lower your standards and marry a troll you meet online, just look at the people you develop crushes on and ask yourself ‘is this person a tool?’ if the answer is yes then move on.
Ask yourself another question, ‘would I rather live a long and boring life where the most interesting part of my day was finding out I can do 12 jumping jacks a minute, where I am always on a diet and worrying what people think of me, or die at a young age after eating delicious food, meeting awesome people, having great relationships and positive life experiences, reading the best books I could find, listening to whatever music made me truly happy, and looking everywhere for ways to make my life the best it could be?’
I am 18 years old. I graduated from high school last june, I’ve never had a job or a real boy friend. I haven’t talked to any of my friends in over a month. I am happy every single day. I draw, I read, I play outside, I do whatever I love. I look in the mirror only when I brush my teeth. Not because I hate the way I look but because I really don’t care how others see me. I know who I am and they don’t, they really don’t have the right to judge me just the same as how I don’t have the right to judge other people. I still do, everyone always will at first but the important thing is to give that person a chance even if they do wear dumb clothes or they are overweight. Maybe this is a cheesy answer to a question only being asked to rake in the compliments, this is how I feel though.

I’m loving my life right now, even though it could be better.

I have problems too if it makes you feel better, lol:
-Was bullied and teased in high school. Only year that I liked was senior year b/c it was the last year, lol
-I’ve tried to ask out girls, but I always get rejected (except 1 time when a girl asked me to be her bf, and it was someone who I didn’t ask out…)
-I’m 19 and I’m at a university that my parents forced me to go to
-I’ve had 3 roomates this year, and all of them didn’t want to live with me basically
-Only had 1 girlfriend, but never been kissed
-I’m short

I know that someday things will get better though, hope the same happens for you too 🙂

All the time.

Sorry to put a downer on the situation, but i love my life.

sh1t happens. doesnt mean youre a loser.

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