Am I a bad friend? I feel really bad….?

I think I could have done more. Am I a bad friend, and am I justified in feeling that way, or am I just making a big deal out of nothing?;…

i dont think your a bad freind i might have warned her before she tried and told her she shouldnt but if she still thinks of you the same way your not a bad freind only if you gave her the cigaretes or told her she should do it or if she felt sad/mad at you after not warning her you would be a bad freind

Tell her how you feel. That you care about her, and that smoking is not in her best interest.

You’d be a bad friend if you didnt care about her best interest

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It was her decision to do it. You can’t hold yourself responsible for her choices. Besides she was curious of something and maybe this will just show her even more reasons why she won’t and shouldn’t do it.

sounds like she smoked b4, she could just be a hypocritic and a completely different person. she problly has a addiction and couldnt pass a chance to smoke

You can’t change someone’s free will no matter how good of a friend you are. You can try to talk to them, but it is their decision how to live their life.

well i dont knw are you a bad friend? since u callin urself a bad friend u might b, bout stop callin urself bad if u did something try 2appologize or something

Depends what you did.
If you feel bad maybe apologise for whatever you did.

HER choice, not your job to run around controlling her life.

you are not so bad as you think. you are good to yourself and think
good to others, then you would become very good friend of everyone

i think its natural to feel bad, tho i felt that you could have done more

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