Why do the American public think caused 9/11 happened?

Could Americans only please answer these questions for me, in a short and simple form as best they can.
1. Who caused 9/11?
2. Why do you think they attacked America?
and separately,
3. Do Americans actually realise what their country did during the Iraq-Iran war, and in the Middle East in general during the…

(I reworded your question 1 a bit, it seemed too similar to 2)
“Who attacked us on 911?”
1) Muslim extremists. there is no doubt Muslim extremists carried out the attacks on 911. But to understand this, and how to avoid future attacks, we must go to #2.

“Why do you think they attacked America?”
2) Our bases in the middle east and funding of extremist groups in the past. It turns out folks don’t like foreign bases on their land (just as we would oppose Chinese bases in our cities or anywhere near them). Funding groups to fight the soviets also had blowback.

“Do we realize our history in the middle east?”
3) Some of us do, and we feel terrible about it. Some of us know sanctions do nothing to hurt the dictator, it only hurts people. In the case of Iraq, as many as 1 million citizens died as a result of the sanctions. However, Saddam remained in power, stronger than ever.


Most of us know the ‘they attack us because we are free’ line is for simpletons who wish to ignore history – it is a way to make the attacks more personal so that the same dull minds become self defensive.

I think the key is listening to the founding fathers. Adopt a non-interventionist foreign policy. Dont police the world. Be friends with everyone, trade with everyone, ignore their politics. Our goal abroad is to enhance our economy, with mutually beneficial trade.

1. Who caused 9/11?
Al Qaeda, ordered specifically by Osama Bin Laden.

2. Why do you think they attacked America?
and separately,

They attacked America because according to the terrorists we support corrupt regimes in the middle east, have military bases on holy land and pollute their culture and government with our secular commercial culture.

3. Do Americans actually realise what their country did during the Iraq-Iran war, and in the Middle East in general during the cold war, and that this the main reason why we have these evil terrorists today?

I don’t really see a connection between our actions during the Iran-Iraq war and 9/11, however terrible our complicity in those events were. Most of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, they didn’t give a damn what happened to either Iraq or Iran. A better case could be made for our actions in Afghanistan which allowed the Taliban which we supported to take over and host the Al Qaeda terrorists.

americans were told saddam hussein had “ties” to al queada and “caused” 9/11.

America was attacked by bin laden because of her continued presence in the middle east—but that truth is not what most americans believe. Most americans believe we are in the middle east “to protect our freedoms”.

very few americans understand the role america has played/continues to play in the middle east. The american government under boy george bush has censored/controlled what americans are told, and silenced any dissenters. The obama administration is trying to undo all the carnage caused by bush, cheney and rumsfeld. And yes, we did have a hand in the iran-iraq war, but few americans know this.

but take heart–some americans think we should get the heck out of ALL countries in the middle east (unless we are INVITED to stay). This is a major cause of all the hatred towards america—we are hated because we are occupiers, plain and simple.

1. Islamic terrorists operating under Osama bin Ladin and Khalid Shiek Mohammed.

2. Because they are murderous thugs who thought they could frighten us, or provoke a war between the US and Saudi Arabia.

3. America supported Saddam Hussein against Iran for the same reason it supported the Stalin against Iran. We supported the lesser evil against the greater evil.

The reason that there are terrorists today has to do with Islam, not America. When Islam’s founder goes around raiding convoys and raping nine-year old’s and this person is the epitome of morality and good character according to Islam, it should be obvious where it might lead.

1. The 9/11 attacks were caused by al-Qaeda.
2. I believe they attacked the US, partly because of their resentment over the US’s cozy relationship with Israel, and partly because their fundamentalist religious beliefs prompted them to do it. To them, the 9/11 attacks were an act of war.
3. I know that the US supported Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War and that we also supported al-Qaeda when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan.


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About your Question there is alot of conspiracy theories about this incident! Some think it was terrorists and some think it was a inside job by the American Government! (an excuse to go to war with iraq)

I do not think it was a inside job though im more than certain it was a bin laden plot. (islamist devils possesed by the devil itself allah)

Al Qaida caused it, but the Bush administration had clear warning days before the attack and did nothing.

Bin Laden thought America was interfering in middle eastern policies and helping Israel and its plight.

Donald Rumsfeld and the Republicans supplied Sadam with Mustard gas in the 80’s, which he later used on Kurdish civilians…despicable!

The Reagan administration also helped arm and train the Taliban during the Russian-Afghan war. What a major blunder.

collectively as I evaluate myself to be greater beneficial than a “straight forward” american, i’m going to objective to respond to your questions. First, there is not any longer a particular “who” in the reason as there are maximum of aspects maximum appropriate as much as the form. Clinton would have had intel to signify that an attack grow to be coming near near yet who would have wide-unfold with reference to the degree or value? 2d, i think that all of it is going back to the organic source wide-unfold as oil. the middle east has it, we don’t. Our involvement over there is going back to our dependence on distant places oil. undeniable and straightforward. we are seen as grasping and boastful yet we are continually the 1st to run to suggestions from others while they % it. This no longer purely infuriates yet intimidates human beings international huge who do in comparison to what we stand for. The attack grow to be against our politics no longer our human beings. The “straight forward” American had no administration over any involvement in the middle east. This grow to be our government’s doing and historic previous has shown many times that our regulation makers do no longer continually make judgements that reflect the will of the “straight forward” American. human beings did no longer create evil. Evil has existed because of the fact the initiating of guy and no unmarried united states of america could be blamed for that. Are all German’s evil because of the fact Hitler killed Jews?

1) Terrorists running planes into buildings.

2) I don’t buy into the simplistic notion that they just “hate” us because we are successful & free. Most of them (the ones actually dying) do it because they are ignorant & simple minded (much like poor white trash in America who are lead to believe their condition is the result of Jew’s and African Americans). Essential it is their leaders, for their own purposes / agenda, that caused 9/11. Why are the leaders upset, probably U.S. meddling (we do meddle a lot and we tend to be short sighted).

3) Yep I realize what we did and why.

The REAL Answer!
Since the early 1900s the Wahhabi Movement wanted to recreate the Great Caliphate = Islam domination of the World – They dominated twice Before.
The Supreme Leader of Islam pulls all the strings Worldwide.

Islam being spread throughout the World:
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