Why do most Europeans like Obama?

I was just curious as to why so many foreigners like Obama. I am a lifelong Democrat, and I can’t get past why Europeans like him. To a lot of people in America, he is extreme left and way out of line. I have a local friend that thinks he should be imprisnoned for causing a panic in early September. I believe…

Because Obamamama is a “Post-American,” like “most” Europeans.

Post-American: the USA will continue to be the most powerful nation but its relative power will be diminished. There have been three power shifts in the last 500 years: a shift of power to the West during the Renaissance, a shift of power to the US making it a superpower, and now a shift to several surging countries, especially China and India, and to non-governmental organizations.

Guidelines for the US in the ‘post-American world’

===== Guideline ============================ Notes
1 Choose ……………………………………. Choose priorities rather than trying to have it all
2 Build broad rules, not narrow interests …….. Recommit to international institutions and mechanisms
3 Be Bismarck, not Britain ……………………… Maintain excellent relations with everyone, rather than offset and balance emerging powers
4 Order à la carte …………………………………. Address problems through a variety of different structures (e.g. sometimes UN, sometimes NATO, sometimes OAS)
5 Think asymmetrically ………………………….. Respond to problems (e.g. drug cartels, terrorists, etc.) proportionately and do not respond to bait (i.e. small attacks meant to draw attention)
6 Legitimacy is power ……………………………. Legitimacy creates the means to set agendas, define crises, and mobilize support

(See WIKI article about the book)

Republican from before she was born… and PROUD of it.

“in reality, banks were stable, so was the economy” … urm, no. Really, no. Obama was not making this up – most economist in the world were rather worried (and still are) about the state of the US economy.

I personally don’t like him, but I don’t really like the Democrats (nor the Republicans, both are too extreme for me right now). I know a lot of people who do, however, because they see him as charismatic, a real change from Bush in being more honest and more intelligent, and because they perhaps do not hear all the news about him that the USA do – his actions do not directly affect Europe, so perhaps they just see him in a better light?

Its unhappy while individuals responses contain “Europeans hate individuals!”, while to the choice, it may seem that individuals hate Europe…given the ignorant responses from people who’ve in all probability never left their very own state. that’s mentioned that if it weren’t for the U.S., France could nevertheless be speaking German – yet while it weren’t for France, the U.S. could nevertheless be British. Socialism isn’t communism. Socialists have an interest by individual’s rights. Communists are no longer. Europe exchange into overrun with Fascism for the duration of WWII, and individuals sacrificed their lives to defeat it. Now, united statesa. is a Fascist united states, and Europeans are rapid to renowned it. company takeover of government, wrapped interior the flag and wearing a go. it extremely is Fascism, and that’s what my Grandfather, and Barack’s grandfather fought against in WWII. Racism exists everywhere, the two interior the U.S., and in Europe. in spite of if it is likewise an ideology that maximum individuals and Europeans attempt to circulate previous for the betterment of the completed international. Race is rarely the subject, yet poverty and sophistication structures are.

I’m certainly not a sheep, nor am I a coward as laine so sweetly describes those of us a few thousand miles across the Atlantic. Anyway, that’s bye the bye. Obama isn’t necessarily ‘liked’ or disliked by we Europeans. However, he’s a breath of fresh air compared with George W. Bush and that’s probably why we show an interest.

Obama is not an oppressive figure out for a financial gain. Obama speaks well and is more of a world leader rather than a U.S. leader. He thinks smart and realizes that we that globalization has made every country closer. He was a change from what American had in the past. The U.S. went from being a world domination focused to a world leader with Obama.

“To a lot of people in America, he is extreme left and way out of line.”

There’s your answer. To most Europeans (and people in most other democracies of the world) Americans are extreme right and way out of line. The politics of someone like George Bush or Sarah Palin seem indistinguishable from insanity on this side of the Atlantic. Obama comes across as a more centrist politician, although he would still be on the right in most places in Europe (though probably not Britain where he would be seen as centre-left).

You Americans just do not get it.

Under George W Bush, the US became universally hated.

The useless, senseless killing in Iraq, the economy…………. You need go no further.

Thanks to Bush, the world is no longer as safe as it was for Americans.

We do not give a damn about internal US politics but when you screw up the rest of the world we do not like it.

Sadly, I think that this time, the world is going to gang up against the US. You are going to find things much more difficult in the future.

He has to be better than that idiot Bush he made your country a laughing stock the world over everybody though that all americans were as dumb as he was

Obama is more in line with Europe’s quasi-socialism than Bush was.

They share with Obama a hatred of America.

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