Why communist parties are called as left parties?

Why comunist parties are called left parties? are the ather parties called right paties? is yes, .what are the major differences?

During the French Revolution, In French Parliament, People sat on the right side who support the noble authoritative. They are more rich. They seek the little government which can protect (noble) private property. It’s conservatism. They don’t compete with different kind of people. They use the ” Class cooperate” to instead ” Class struggle.”
People sat on the left side who support that every-body’s property can be average. (They are almost poverty people). They seek that the land can be divide. Everybody can enjoy the happiness. But they are not conservatism. They are radical, they always want to have ” revolution.” Like change this, change that..change those. People like to have struggle. They think it is more effective.
Fascist is an example of right party, Communist is an example of left party. I hope this can help you understand.

Word Origins tells us the terms date back to pre-revolutionary France. In 1789, the French National Assembly was created as a parliamentary body to move control of issues, such as taxation, from the king to the citizenry. Inside the chamber where the National Assembly met, members of the Third Estate sat on the left side and members of the First Estate sat on the right. The Third Estate consisted of revolutionaries, while the First Estate were nobles. Thus, the left wing of the room was more liberal, and the right wing was more conservative. In the next few years, the revolutionaries would take over and countless noble heads would roll, but that’s another story. Word Detective corroborates the idea that “left wing” and “right wing” date to the seating arrangements of the 1789 French National Assembly. The Mavens’ Word of the Day also confirms the phrases’ origin. Word Wizard agrees on the origins of the terms and adds that they have a secondary layer of meanings. “Right” can also mean “correct,” while the Latin term for “left” suggests “sinister” behavior. We suspect that those on the political right wing appreciate these connotations more than those on the left.

In an Indian context i would say ,any thing that is on the wrong side is called a left party (communist were against 1942 quit India movement,Green revolution,1962 Indo china war they were finding faults of India,they were against nuclear tests made by vajpayee, they were against APJ kalam to be president of India, and recently they were against INDO_US nuclear deal)i hope this would answer your question that why they are called left parties.

And right parties are supposed to be BJP(but Unlike communists i,m not going to say that everything they do is right:)——

We use a sort of political spectrum to determine right vs. left, etc.
Extreme left is complete government control of everything: market, industry, travel, wages, etc. These types of government include communism, monarchy, and contrary to popular belief, fascism and nazism.
Extreme right is no government control of anything, ie, anarchy. No laws, no rule, etc.

A lot of mental lightweights will tell you that nazism and fascism are right wing governments, but that is not so. Left wing is government control; right wing is no government.
The United States historically has tried to remain in the middle. We are designed to be a nation of law and united sovereign republics. Yet we have a free market system that allows people to earn their own living and reap what they sow.

Right Wing conservatives tend to think of Left Wing liberals as communists. In reality Left Wing is not communist.

It all starts from the place the parties were sitting at the French Parliament, I think. Who was sitting at the left of the room etc. And yes, there are left-wing parties, right-wing-parties and “middle” parties.

Communists would feel right at home in the Democrat Party of america. No question about that.

Here are various ideological groups by international standards:

US Conservatives = far-right

US Liberals = center-right

Social Democrats = center-left

Communists = left-wing

Anarchists = extreme-left

If you want to study the details of communist ideology, read some of the classic works of Marxism-Leninism (check my source for links to some of them).

Communism, fascism, socialism and liberalism are the extreme left.

Military dictatorships, theocracies and kingdoms are the extreme right.

Just the way the models were set-up


because communism is a more left or liberal
liberal is refereed to as the left and conservative the right
it goes back to the french revolution they split the tables with the liberals on the left and conservatives on the right

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