Okay, being anti-illegal immigration makes you racist, I guess??

I got deleted a second time for simply coming on here and saying that illegal immigration is not up for debate. It is law-breaking and sneaking into this country illegally has many consequences for citizens here as well. I guess the moderators must be these far-left liberals who condone this crap. I did not say…

Not exactly, bubbles. If you are racist, then most, most likely you will be anti illegal automatically

you should know by now that anytime you speak the truth someone is going to get offended and report you. it’s so true that people just refuse to handle the truth. I keep waiting for a new excuse but it seems that they can only come up with 2 things: racism and “the better life” excuse which has never flown. however, they keep using those same 2 excuses. I guess they think someday they will use them and we will all say “you know you have been right all along..your country sucks and so it’s ok if you break the law and steal what’s not rightfully yours because you deserve a better life”..what were we thinking all this time.. It’s getting OLD.

I used to feel SO strongly on this subject. This was even my topic for my final paper English II class at my college until I went to 3 different islands of Mexico on a cruise early this summer and accidentally stumbled upon one of the most broken down places I’ve NEVER seen but on TV. You know those Christian donation commercials where they live in shack-like homes? Well it was like that.. except way wayyyyy worse. I’m not trying to be funny when I say this either, but no wonder people over there flea to our country, it’s like paradise for them I guess.

Your account probably got deleted for different reasons, such as not asking a question.

I am a far-left liberal who does not condone illegal immigration. I guess you must be one of those Hillbilly Republicans who are incapable of critical thinking.

No it doesn’t. I think I saw the question, was it the one calling liberals names? Not far left but st___d? That may not be crude or racist but it is against TOS, I for one would not appreciate being called names. Name calling, not your ideology gets you deleted.

I consider myself a law abiding citizen of the US.

If an immigrant is here illegally, then he/she is not legal! He/she is not obeying the law and should be punished. That would be to deport the illegal. I guess that makes me a racist too.

It seems our government is having a problem with enforcing laws that pertain to non legal citizens.

No it does not make you racist, it makes you a good American. Yahoo is a very liberal site and in addition to that,there is a group on here who just love the border hopping criminals and they have a condition called report buttonitis.

I’m still trying to figure that one out since most of our illegals are from South of the Border and they are not Black or Asian how can we be racist?

I am racist then i guess cause i believe in the legal do process in america and i believe if you come here illegal you should be sent back to your country and banned from ever entering here again

You know it, there used to be a whole group of them here that would jump on those kinds of questions. They called themselves La Raza if I remember correctly. Even if the question was valid the sheer amount of them reporting it got it deleted.

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