Is this car worth the money?

Ok…im lookin at a car cuz im about to sell my altima. my altima has 225k miles but is pimped out so my friend wants it badly.i picked up a cadi for cheap from my friend so i also need to fix that. a friend of mine has a jetta gls he wants to sell. it has 149k, 5spd, shifts like a dream and can be height adjusted….

Sounds like a nice car, also sounds like a personal preference as far as the salvage title goes once you get it fixed up all your friends might want it. Make a Profit on it enjoy it then sell it and find your next project

What year is the Jetta? (If it’s a MkIV, its probably not worth it at any price) And what do you mean it can be “height adjusted”?

Anyhow, if it runs well, and has no mechanical issues pending, and is in pretty good cosmetic shape as well, even with a salvage title, 1500 isn’t a bad price.

Ideally, though, you’d like to know why it was salvaged, and what work was done to it to salvage it. If it was anything more than some minor body work (and by body work I mean paint, fenders and bumpers, NOT any frame straightening) then you don’t want it at any price (except for parts).

“Blue book” value is a load of horseshit, by the way. Blue book is a tool for dealers to extract as much money out of buyers as they can. Cars almost never sell for blue book value (honestly, when was the last time you saw an ad for a car at blue book value?), unless they’re in like-new condition, if then. Also, it does a terrible job accounting for regional variations, and things like modifications and salvage titles. (And it’s utterly worthless for any car with a cult following, like most sports cars)

And finally, most modifications actually LOWER the value of the car.

First you need to know why it has a salvage title. I n most states this means that a major body component was replaced. If it was a door or fender that is really not a big deal. The hood or trunk (or lift back) is another story as that was caused by a bad accident. The same goes for a rear quarter panel.
The difference is a fender or door is easily destroyed beyond repair (a bicycle can do it) but a hood, panel, or trunk means major accident. The rule of thumb is that a salvage vehicle is worth about 10%-25% of middle level book value. This car is not worth $1,500 more like $500- $700 because of the repair.

If you like it, buy it. Look at it thoroughly and make sure there’s not any major rust or other problems. Remember if you got two project cars, then you might not have enough $$ to do them both the way you want (unless yur rich-lol!). If it’s worth more, then why is he selling so cheap?
Just keep in mind that with a ‘salvage’ title, the car will have to pass a thorough inspection by the DMV to register it.

What year is it?

Salvage title drops the value tremendously.
It could have been in Katrina, or pounded
by a tornado.

Devil’s in the details


well just say you bought and you didnt like it it would be hard to sale because alot of people wont buy a car with a salvage title even though you cant tail it was wrecked……… poeple are scared i guess because it must have been a bad wreck to have a salvage title

No I would not buy it. Who would buy it from you, when you tried to sell it? You would be stuck with it. Do you think your friend is having trouble selling it? Not a good idea mixing money salvage title and friendship……

It is never a good idea to buy or sell a car to/from a friend. I don’t care how good of a deal it may be.

I’d buy that Jetta, but I’d talk him down on that price.

sounds pretty reasonable…if you think the car would be good then go ahead and buy it.

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