HEY! guy advice please (:?

I was just browsing through myspace profiles of people i knew from HS. (i graduated last year) i found this one guys myspace. i didn’t know him THAT well, i sat next to him in one class and gave him a pet name (jose…don’t know why) but that was a little while ago. his personality really stuck out,…

I think the best thing in your situation is to just come right out and say it. Not like “I LOVE YOU!” but… start up a conversation like “Hey remember me?” and y’know even add that “Jose” thing.. it will come off as flirty but at the same time chill. Maybe after a few messages just joke around and say that you did have a crush on him. You never know, he might’ve even had one on you.
Worst case scenario is only him not liking you back. But think about it. Your out of high school and you won’t ever see him again. If your nervous about even talking to him ask yourself “what have I got to lose?” This usually helps me and I hope my advice helps you. 🙂

I think you should start out slow and talk to him on your myspaceand be like “Hey didnt we have each other in a class?” And when you get to know each other a little bit casually slip “You know I had a small crush on you in HS”. If his reaction is bad then at least it was over the internet. If it was good keep talking to him and dazzle him with your charm. lol Have fun with this. I wish you the best of luck

Nah…don’t say that. That’s just weird!
If you still like him, you could ask him out as friends see what happens during that time. Then when you guys get closer, you could tell that you used to have a crush on him in HS n say your feeling has come again. If he feels the same way then good for you! ^^
ooorrrr….you could get another guy! lols…

strike up a friendship first.. that way you can decide if you actually have things in common or if you’re just attracted to him. If you find you actually like him.. then tell him you like him.. but not seeing him for a long time.. barely remembering how you were friends then BAM telling him you like him would come off as creepy.

Well if that’s your picture just sayin, I’d date you, your pretty :-). Anyways, I would tell him you had a crush on him, what have you really got to loose? Besides, if he’s not that good looking he’d be lucky to have a cute girl like you as a girlfriend.

u should talk to him. make sure that he is really single first before any thing. many people profile say single and there not. like mines 🙂 just make sure first ask him if any thing. if he is tell him. good luck

Ok get to know him.You don’t really know what he is like intill you become friends.You can’t just come out and say I like you.Get to know him and things will take off from there.

Start making small convo with him…see what he’s been up to… and once you start chatting more and more tell him you had a crush 🙂

I didn’t read your question, but that girl looked alright.


i don’t think it would be creepy.
you should go for it, i would.
and if he thinks it is then that’s his problem.

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