Help with 94 Mustang overheating when the A/C is turned on?

I have a 1994 Ford Mustang with a 3.8 V6 engine. Recently, it has been overheating whenever i turn my A/C on. It doesnt do this when im on the interstate, only when im on the highway or idling. Back in February, i had to replace both the water pump and thermostat so both of those should be working properly. I tried…

Check the following;
1. check if your loosing coolant
2. check if both of your fans are working properly
3. check your a/c compressor if its well lubricated and not stuck up
4. check your a/c cooling system if the freon level is not too much causing high pressure to the system and will cause also to overheat.
Have these things check first. Hope this help!

in all risk no longer a thermostat except that’s caked up from the airborne dirt and mud. i could try flushing the gadget and putting new fluid in. while you at the instant are not low on fluid head gasket might desire to be advantageous. while you’re low on fluid, verify around the water pump because it is going to in lots of circumstances initiate dripping relatively sluggish by somewhat hollow impressive till now it starts gushing and motives a huge problem.

check your fan when you turn on ur ac
i had same problem with a 94 civic but it had to do with my timing belt being wrong you should check that out also

make sure the fan turns on, think simple, : ) hope i helped

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