Can car systems effect unborn baby?

My boyfriend just got a car system and its so loud literally it throws off vibrations and every time the bass hits hard my tummy starts to hurt not to mention I’m 17 weeks pregnant

It would hurt my ears and I’m 26 years old! Ask your doctor, but in the mean time ask your guy to turn it down while you’re in the car.

yes it can affect the baby.. I have a system in my car and in my husbands car when I wass pregnant with my son I was told to make sure the music isnt too loud when Im in the car while pregnant. The baby can hear everything that is going on. Can you imagine how it would feel being in a small room with bass booming in your ear.. I iouldnt do it.. Now that im pregnant again I dont even turn on the bass.

Yes, you are suppose to avoid veined cheese such as blue cheese while pregnant. However one of my friends who is a cheese lover had no clue about this and ate it all through her pregnancy. When I met her she had a prefectly healthy five year old son. So I think that you will be fine. Next time just ask for ranch with your wings. Spicey food is just fine. Ask you doctor for a list of things that aren;t okay to eat when pregnant and you will feel better having that for a reference. As for the cat litter, that is just gross, I hate when people have a dirty litter box in their bathroom. But, agian you should be just fine, you won’t cause harm to the baby from breathing in stinky litter box fumes, just don’t touch cat feces with your bare hands. The marker and the litter probably bothered you more because your ae pregnant and your sense of smell becomes stronger. The sound system, again relax, I’m sure that since sex doesn’t harm the baby, the neither will the vibration. You could also just turn the sound system off entirely.

I’m not sure. I would ask him to turn down the bass while you are in the car. And call your doctor and ask him.

Of course not.

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