Why do illegal aliens feel United States owe them something?

The open door policies of the past 8 years have illegal immigrants believing in the fallacy that America is here to take care of them. Wrong. Illegal immigrants constantly throw a guilt trip at America claiming that our moral compass requires us to accept them in mass. Wrong. Their own countries have an ethical and moral compass to take care of their own people. Not America. And illegal immigrants cost the American taxpayer approx. 340 billion dollars a year and that is a soft number. That is not sustainable. Lastly, that 340 billion a year could go a long way to helping unfortunate AMERICAN citizens. Which ,at this point in the countries history, is where it should be going.

All most of them want is a chance to work and earn money for their families.

somebody put that in their head

american libs and those foreign countries that want a crowd to leave to lessen their burden of lies and ineptness push this…

The whole world thinks America has a duty to take care of them

I don’t know why they “feel” that, but I know why it is true.

The U.S. owes illegal aliens everything — we owe them our lives, because they grow and harvest the food that we need to survive. Every day, they are saving our lives by working on our farms for very little or no money, so that we can live.

If you don’t want owe them, then stop eating when you are in the U.S.

The Left has been promising them citizenship if they vote Democrat.

Because the American Left actually believes that and tells them that.

it owes them a promise of freedom and liberty, but they need to work for that.

Idk, because leftists told them so.

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