Why don’t Western Muslims rise up against the extremists?

If we oppose something this is what we do:

-2/15/03 AP: Anti-war protests in Europe: Rome, 1 million people; Madrid, 660,00; Berlin, 500,000; Paris, 100,000.
-1/23/10 Washington Post: Thousands march in D.C. demonstration against abortion.
-3/4/10 BBC: 23,000 sign petition against the Pope visit to UK….

Well now, you are expecting the poilitcally-correct minds of the west to use plain, old fashioned deductive reasoning, and honey, they’ve forgotten how. They’ve opted for the warm-fuzzies of what-if.
They want to believe that the majority of muslims are decent, peaceful folk…lol.
Yeah right, uh huh.
So get used to watching the news regarding suspicious packages and bombs that blow up all over the world (placed there by the so-called extremists) while the so-called peaceful remainder do and say NOTHING and bide their time.
Sickening, isn’t it?!

Western Muslims are a breeding ground for extremism. The hypocrisy of these people knows no bounds, and as long as fools like Joy Behar and Whoppie Goldberg continue their silly rants in support of the small minority who are peaceful, yet mute, the bigger the disservice to our fellow citizens.

Your argument seems to be based on your own intentional ignorance of anti-extremist activity amongst Muslims in the West. And really, demanding that Muslims make loud statements on the topics of your own choosing when and where YOU demand it is ridiculous.

50% of individuals are not soft with an area mosque or a woman in a headscarf… you recognize in basic terms 40% of individuals have a school degree? how many of individuals can clarify coherently how the rain cycle works? Or enable you recognize what teutonic plates are? Do a 5th grade algebra problem? call the fifty states of the Union? define “tort”? how many are “uncomfortable” around a team of chinese language conversing people? do no longer in basic terms like the belief of a Jain temple outfitted in teir community? desire a white wellbeing practitioner to a black wellbeing practitioner? how many individuals have self assurance Nostradamus foretold the destiny? That little gray adult adult males sneak people out domicile windows to look at their inner maximum aspects? That the devil makes Catholics do satanic rituals interior the Vatican? You submit to in innovations what Obama instructed Cairo. American Muslims are greater constructive knowledgeable and better incomes than different individuals. Muslim women persons have greater college stages in keeping with capita than different American women persons. in basic terms Jewish women persons are greater constructive knowledgeable than Muslim women persons. you may “reject” us on your information superhighway spew, yet once you finally end up in ER, i do no longer think of you will reject a Muslim emergency room wellbeing care expert. you do no longer reject the nutrition we supply you in charity from our nutrition pantries. all of us understand who we are. we adore who we are.

Who do you think blew the whistle on the bombers in Yemen and England a few days ago – Catholics? Of course they were muslin. Gheeze, get a brain.

Because they are secretly cheering on the extremists or are too cowardly to stand up to them.

It’s called taqiyya. They are allowed to deceive non-Muslims.

You see Muslims outraged at being blamed for terrorism. But their “protests” against terrorism itself are muted and insincere.

It’s taqiyya.

Unless you specifically protest every murder by a White Christian, do you tacitly agree?

Of course not.

Either because they agree with them or because they’re afraid to show that they don’t, lest they or their loved ones be killed.

They want everybody else to pay the price. They won’t lift a finger to fight the terrorists.

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