Who would compose your all-time all-NBA first, second, third team of great players who never won an NBA ring?

Here’s my First Team: Stockton, Wilkins, Barkley, Malone, and Ewing. Note: Wilkins would be playing my slashing shooting guard and dunkin’ small forward. What do you think?

1st Team

John Stockton, Dominique Wilkins, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing

2nd Team
Dave Bing, Reggie Miller, Pete Maravich, George Gervin, Elgin Baylor

3rd Team
Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson, Alex English, Kevin Garnett, Arvydas Sabonis

4th Team
Steve Nash, Ray Allen, Bernard King, Chris Webber, Shawn Kemp

5th Team
Marc Jackson, Penny Haradaway, Sam Perkins, Bob Lanier, Ralph Sampson

PG John Stockton
SG Allen Iverson
SF Charles Barkley
PF Kevin Garnett
C Patrick Ewing

2nd Team

PG Jason Kidd
SG George Gervin
SF Dominque Wilkins
PF Karl Malone
C Connie Hawkins

3rd Team
PG Steve Nash
SG Pete Maravich
SF Sam Perkins
PF Shawn Kemp
C Ralph Sampson

Heres mine:

C- Ewing/ Bob Lanier
PF-Malone / Barkeley
SF-Dominique Wilkins/ (Kevin Garnet?)
SG- R. Miller / George Gervin/ Maravich
PG- Iverson /Stockton

Bench: Elgin Baylor(sf) / Artis Gilmore/ Connie Hawkins/ Bernard King

These were all great players, but they never seemed to make it. For some it was that they didn’t dominate on both ends, no ‘D’. For others they were simply on bad teams (ex: garnett), some chose to shoot too much and pass too little, finally some just ran into dynasties (lakers, celtics, bulls -ex: Ewing’s Knicks ran into Jordan’s Bulls, Hakeem’s Rockets, Reggie’s Pacers and The Admiral’s Spurs in those title-less postseasons.]

PG Mark Jackson
SG Reggie Miller
SF Wilkins
PF Shawn Kemp
C Patrick Ewing

first team:
Stockton, Malone, Ewing, Miller, Kevin Garnett

Second Team:
Iverson, Kidd, CArter, McGrady, Mutumbo

Third Team:
Baylor, Webber, G.Hill, P.Hardaway, D. Wilkins

john stockton pg
reggie miller sg
charles barkley sf
karl malone pf
patrick ewing c
pg nash
sg iverson
sf wilkins
pf shawn kemp
c bob lanier

jason kidd pg
george gervin sg
sam perkins sf
kevin garnettpf
connie hawkins c

John Stockton 13.1ppg 10.5apg 2.7rpg (0 for 2 NBA Titles)
Allen Iverson 27.9ppg 6.2apg 2.3rpg (0 for 1 NBA Title)
Elgin Baylor 27.4ppg 4.3apg 13.5rpg (0 for 8 NBA Titles)
Karl Malone 25.0ppg 3.6apg 10.1rpg (0 for 3 NBA Titles)
Nate Thurmond 15.0ppg 2.7apg 15.0rpg (0 for 2 NBA Titles)

Jason Kidd 14.5ppg 9.2apg 6.7rpg (0 for 2 NBA Titles)
George Gervin 26.2ppg 2.8apg 4.6rpg (0 for 0 NBA Titles)
Adrian Dantley 24.3ppg 3.0apg 5.7rpg (0 for 1 NBA Title)
Charles Barkley 22.1ppg 3.9apg 11.7rpg (0 for 1 NBA Title)
Patrick Ewing 21.0ppg 1.9apg 9.8rpg (0 for 2 NBA Titles)

Kevin Johnson 17.9ppg 9.1apg 3.3rpg (0 for 1 NBA Title)
Pete Maravich 24.2ppg 5.4apg 4.2rpg (0 for 0 NBA Titles)
Dominique Wilkins 24.8ppg 2.5apg 6.7rpg (0 for 0 NBA Titles)
Kevin Garnett 22.4ppg 4.1apg 12.8rpg (0 for 0 NBA Titles)
Walt Bellamy 20.1ppg 2.4apg 13.7rpg (0 for 0 NBA Titles)

If you were to include ABA numbers then I might put Artis Gilmore on this list, but he did win an ABA Championship in 1975. His combined NBA/ABA averages were:
18.8ppg 2.3apg 12.3rpg

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c- patrick ewing
pf karl malone
sf charles barkley\
sg dominique wilkins
pg john sytockton

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