Which is faster a turbo manual car or a turbo auto?

Ive heard arguements for both, they say in a straight line a turbo auto would be faster but the manual would win in the twisties.

I’ve always known manuals to be faster than autos. I’m not too car savy or know much how auto and manual works but I’ve got a buddy who has an 09 shelby mustang manual. He did some weird trick when traveling high speeds, like shift late and his car would sorta lose power for a split second then jerk forward making him go faster quicker than you would in an automatic. Not sure what he was doing anybody got an idea? All I know is his **** would shoot forward.

Manual will ALWAYS be faster through the twisties. ever seen an auto rally car ????

there is an argument for auto boxes in a turbocharged car for launching. The reason for that is you can load the gearbox with your left foot on the brake – thus allowing maximum boost pressure to be avalible upon launch – as where with a manual car, there could be an element of lag unless your a seasoned driver.

honestly though, manual every time. learn to drive a manual PROPERLY and it’ll reward you in ways you never though possible. Learn to double declutch. learn to left foot brake, learn to heel and toe….

The thing about an auto is that it never misses a shift! There was/is a reason that some drivers want a stick. The four on the floor thing of the 60’s came about for a reason. I’ll stay with a stick, even on the 1/4 mile. It saps less horsepower and I seldom miss a shift or bump the rev limiter (both of which are time killers).

Someone doesnt understand how gear boxes work.. The fastest in both scenarios would depend upon the exact transmission. A normal auto would be considerable slower, however an automated manual, like VW’s DSG would be quicker than a manual.

a manual you can choose when to change gear and stay in the power band of the turbo, an auto my change at a lower rpm which could drop you off the boost of the turbo

OMG, please do not ability shift. pay attention regardless of in case you ability shift completely you will cut back to rubble your transmission(after a whilst of doing it a view weeks). you will finally end up ability shift sooner or later in the path of a city and growth your transmission only fell out of you motor vehicle or sooner or later you will pay attention a peculiar and wonderful noise, like the grinding of gears and your shifter will become purely a stick in a peculiar and wonderful shaped conserving devise. In different words your have the skill you only flow down the line and flow your shifter around and not substitute gears. then you incredibly ought to completely replace the transmission. believe me it handed off to my Comaro.

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