When someone commits murder, can you prove that God didn’t ask him to?

Since everybody has their own personal relationship with God, can you prove that the murderer wasn’t instructed by God to kill?

How can one prove that someone didn’t receive God’s instruction to kill? After all, God spoke to Abraham solely about the need to kill Issac.

The Nuremberg defense is not a valid defense.

We know this because we are in a different dispensation today. God has revealed His will to us in His WORD, and specifically in Romans thru Philemon. Murder has always been a no no. Faith does what God tells a person specifically to do…and Abraham was given instruction to Kill His Son, however God provided the actual sacrifice. It was a one time thing and meant to be a picture of God being willing to give His only Son for the world.

God isnt telling people to do differently than what is in His Word, rightly divided, today. No special messages or unique situations. Murder is wrong, period.

Abraham was 100 years old, do you think he could have killed Isaac, cause God obviously didn’t, God never actually instructed anyone into commiting murder, so if the person comes with that cheap lie he’s both a killer and a blasphem.

Since this is a kind of extremely theoretical question a logical answer would be “You can’t prove something that is not based on physical laws”. The existence of God, and therefore any proof of God’s will, is not explained by the physical laws. you either accept or not the existence of God. If you don’t accept the existence of God then your question is not relevant. If you accept the existence of God the answer depends on how you define God. If you define god they way Christianity, Islam or any other major religion define then you can’t accept that this God will ask someone to kill.

There are several false statements in your “question.” Of course you can’t prove it, but you can’t prove the inverse as well, so that question is moot. God spoke to Abraham WELL before Isaac was even born–in Sumeria, through the Golden Crescent, and into what is not the Holy Land. And anyway, the message was not to kill Isaac, but to obey God. Big difference. You manage to trivialize both severe mental illness, and people’s faith all in the same “question.”

It wouldn’t matter if God had asked someone to kill another. It does not make them exempt from the law of the land. They would have to pay the same penalty that everyone else pays for that crime, no matter if God told them to do it or not.

Also, if God did instruct them to kill someone and did not want them to have to pay the human penalty, He could make sure that the person did not have to pay the penalty.

I think that it would be impossible for God to tell someone to kill another human being. God is holy and perfect, he would not instruct someone to kill someone else that is one of the ten comandments. Instead of God talking I bet it would be Satan trying to convince you that killing is God’s way when it really isn’t. If God, all powerful, want someone dead He will make it happen with out our help.

Eh… I’m not Christian so I might be wrong here but:

Humans have free will, yes? So even if God said “Kill him” you would have the ability to disobey. If God is as forgiving and kind as I’m always told he was, I’m pretty sure he’d forgive you. If nothing else, by killing you would contradict one of the commandments (Thou shall not kill) and thus condemn yourself to Hell anyway.

This being said, there is no reason to KILL because God said so. People who kill for this reason have problems.

But Abraham did not kill Isaac. Bad analogy.

One of God’s Ten Commandments is “do not murder.”

Why do you speak evil against the Lord? Where are you from? Are you a pan or a satyr? I ask, because of your name “goatboy.”

God said Thou shalt not kill, and anyone facing murder also faces judgement,

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