What would a 1955 Jeep Pickup be worth?

I found a 1955 Jeep Willys Pickup that I want to buy. It was purchased somewhat restored a few years ago for 1,000 and it’s sat out in the weather for probably 15 or more years. It needs a water pump and a lot of TLC. I’d like to buy it for my boyfriend to restore but I have no idea what to offer for it. If…

Based on the information that you have given , I would not pay more than a 1,000 dollars for it and try making an offer of five hundred and see what happens, all they can say is no. That is the best information I can give you without seeing the truck.

Personally, i would choose the jeep wrangler only because im not a fan of chevy/gmc..but if youre looking for better fuel efficiency then go with the chevy 🙂

I agree with Robert. If you can, have $400 cash in your hand to offer. When a seller sees cash, it talks loudly. Twenty $20.00 bills and you might have a truck. I wish I was there!!

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