What team has the LEAST amount of bandwagon fans?

The Marlins.

Mostly everyone is South Florida is a NY transplant, and roots for either the Mets or the Yankees.

Three way tie between the Marlins, Rays, and Nationals. Combine them all and all other teams still have more bandwagon fans. I think for the most part that most of the people on Y/A that support these teams, are true fans of these teams and are not bandwagon fans. Simply because there are not a whole lot of them on here. RR

The Marlins have won enough times to create a bandwagon, but no one got on. The difference between them and a lot of other low drawing teams is they have won 2 out of the last 10 World Series. I don’t really think any other team has had enough success to create a bandwagon situation and had so few people get on board.

The trouble with this type of qualification is that the bandwagon fans come out when success comes and there are limited instances to judge.

The Marlins won world series in 97 and 03 and their fan base didn’t increase, so they may qualify.

And is there a way to distinguish a band wagon fan from someone who is simply now more vocal because of success.

I would say the Brewers or the Pirates.
When the Brewers were hot last year you didn’t get a lot of people saying they were life long brewer fans but couldn’t think of them being in the AL east at all.

This is a silly question. Define bandwagon for me. You see, I have been a Red Sox fan for over 20 years. Did I suffer enough for you?

Well, my daugher is only 8. She is just now becoming old enough to understand and fully appreciate baseball. Is she a bandwagon fan? See, I think she likes the Red Sox because, like many people from New England, we support the home team no matter how good or bad they do (86 years of bad enough for you?).

I do agree that some people are annoying and classify as bandwagon, but I don’t like the idea that anyone that likes a winning team is bandwagon. I wish some people would grow up and quit blaming other teams for their teams failures. When the Red Sox stopped blaming the Yankees and looked at their own team, they actually won (twice even).

I originally called your question silly but it made me think. Thanks.

No, if you want the least amount of bandwagon fans, go to the Clippers, Tims, Grizzlies, or some other mediocre and random team’s fan bases. Hawks do have some bandwagons ever since they stood their ground during last year’s playoffs.

I would think that it would be hard for teams to have the least amount of bandwagon fans, or at least no have any. I would have to say the Chicago Cubs, if you look at games at Wrigley Field, the seats are pretty much packed. And I would think that “true” Chicago Cubs fans would love them no matter what. The Chicago Cubs could lose the rest of the games this week, and I bet Chicago Cubs fans, that I said before, at least true ones will love them no matter what.

It’d be great if there was some way to get a definite answer on this question, but, I guess that isn’t going to happen. I would say that as a percentage of the fan base, the Cub fans may be the most loyal I’ve ever seen in the face of perpetual disappointment. For simple numbers, the Marlins have to be considered because they have so few fans, period, and as a So Fla resident, I can say there doesn’t appear to be much more buzz this year than the prior 2…

The teams, such as the yankees, red sox, and cardinals have a lot of bandwagon fans because they are good (not so much the yanks this year :]), but the least is any team that is terrible.

Definitely the Royals. Anyone that lives out of Kansas City doesn’t even know about them. Yet even after there 12 game loss streak we still have 20,000 fans at the past 2 home games.

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