What should you do if you offended your boss;then every evaluation he lied about how bad you perform(fabrication) in order to get you fired?

You could have been fired on the spot. Realize that he gave you other chances, so he ignored your bratty nature. In this case, go and find another job and learn how to show your boss respect. If you cannot behave professionally on the job and show EVERYONE respect, then expect to be fired every time. Most times, you will not be given a second chance.

Understand: he doesn’t need to “get” you fired. You can be fired for any reason or no reason in the states.

Do the same to your boss and complain to the media and everywhere you can

My father works at a company and his supervisor doesn’t like him even though my father is the best employee who solves all the problems while others run away

The supervisor tries to write my father up for problems and it’s actually a problem with anti semitism because the supervisor is racist and he hates Jewish people

The supervisor has no higher education or work ethic and he hires people like himself or worse because he is paranoid

You should know whether or not you are a good employee regardless of your boss.

I find another job. You will never win. The game is rigged. You don’t need to work for a jackass.

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