What is the war in Iraq really about?

I’m 15 and young, so i really haven’t been paying attention to the war, but we had a debate in JROTC class about it, and i just sat there because i didn’t know anything. I felt really akward and dumb for not paying more attention. so if anyone could please fill me in on why we’re having this war,…

What a great and timely question JROTC Girl….

If you had been paying attention, after our country was attacked by cowardly Muslim lunatics in an unprecedented act of mass murder, you would have witnessed something so much more vile, so disgusting, and so utterly incomprehensible, that it would make you question whether you would want to even be a part of America.

Instead of uniting as a nation against the enemy that attacked us, an enemy that hates us and our freedom, our human rights, and our way of life, you would have witnessed a nation divided by political ambition. That’s right…instead of banding together as a nation to eliminate the threat of global Islamofascism, politicians (and the media that supports them) decided that they could turn the smoldering ruins of the twin towers into a political opportunity to increase their power in Congress and re-take the White House. Because of this, we stand as a nation divided. A division which our enemy exploits on a daily basis.

And as a result, we’ve all listened to 7 years of propaganda and lies about this war from our media and certain politicians. Unfortunately, they have been effective in shaping public opinion with these lies, as now probably 60% or more of Americans believe that the “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan are without cause or justification. There has only been one war, a war against a global terrorist network, which is supported by state sponsors. However, inumerable lies have been repeated over and over by these politicians and the news media. As the nazi progandist, Joseph Goebels said, “Repeat a lie often enough, and people will accept it as the truth.”

First and foremost, you should know that when people speak of fascism, Hitler was a gentleman compared to al Qaeda and Wahabi extremism.

When I was your age, my first experience with Islamic-inspired terrorism happened at the 1976 Olympics in Munich, Germany. I didn’t understand it at the time either, why anyone would want to cause so much grief and pain at an international forum of good will. Well, I understand it now.

In 2001, the USA was standing at the threshold…whether to go to war to stop al Qaeda and Islamofascism, or take an isolationist approach as we have done for the past 30+ years. The only problem with isolationism is that now we have the nuclear bomb issue. Inaction to resolve the issue now, in conventional warfare, would ultimately lead to al Qaeda or other Islamic extremists with the ability to repeat 9/11, except on a nuclear scale. This was, and will always be, unacceptable.

This weekend we will have a holiday in the U.S. called Memorial Day. I hope you and every one who reads this will take a moment to think about and pray for the families of the 4,080 American service men and women who have given their lives in a foreign land to keep us safe here since 9/11. Their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of their families, has not been in vain. They have prevented a great danger to our nation, our freedom, and our way of life, and no politician or anchorman from NBC will ever be able to repudiate or diminish the positive impact they have made here at home, in the Middle East and in the world. We owe them a great deal, but above all, we need to protect their honor and dignity in which they served this nation.

My advice to you is to educate yourself. Do not adopt the opinions of your parents, or the news media, or your college professor. Learn history, educate yourself about fascism and communism. Form your own opinions based on your own values, and the merits of the facts. Read about Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, and Pol Pot, and when you read about al Qaeda, put them in your educated perspective. Ignorance is everyone’s enemy, and ignorance is dangerously close to defeating the U.S. in this war on terror.

You are the future of this great country. I’m confident that you will make us proud.

Well, ostensibly it was about Saddam’s reckless leadership and “possible” connection to the Islamic terrorists. And his causing instability in the region ( again ). Liberals have decried it as BS because we found no WMD’s, but then again, what about all the chemical weapons he USED to have? They are INDEED classified as WMDs…so they are either still hidden, or passed over the border to Syria or another regime.
Regardless, it was about America ITSELF setting the war zone…not the terrorists. By starting up the war in Iraq, we focused their attentions there, and not here in the USA so much. When’s the last time you heard a Code alert, like Yellow or Orange ( high level of danger? ). It’s been over 8 months ( I live in Virginia, near DC , btw ). Used to hear them all last summer, and before…not a peep since. Maybe means nothing, maybe it means the terrorists are too busy losing in Iraq to worry about plane flights over to the USA or Canada or Mexico.
Bottom line is, my PERSONAL believe, reinforced with news from the conservative talk shows, is that we decided to set the war footing over in the Middle East, instead of leaving them free to come here. Afghanistan wasn’t a major front, due to the fact that Bin Laden is in Pakistan, and we haven’t been allowed to cross into their territory to hunt him down. So, we started the war in Iraq to divert their resources and the stupid fanatics who couldn’t wait to die to try to blow us up. So far, seems to be working. It’s come to light that even on some Arab websites, they’re now criticizing Bin Laden’s decision to fight the USA in Iraq, due to losses and poor decision making on the part of the Taliban’s organization’s choices. So if even their own kind are criticizing the terrorist priorities, we must be doing SOMETHING right over there, regardless of Democratic we’ve-already-lost-lets-get-out losers like Pelosi, Kennedy, Reid, and other head-in-the-sand liberal “leaders”. So , whatever the original purpose of going into Iraq was, it’s become an inportant diversion in keeping the terrorists busy, and their own fanatical actions are working against them by their own Sunni kind, who are tired of the civilian losses caused by their actions. Give it a few more years, and it may look like a very different Middle East….hopefully for the better. It will take years to get really better, but you gotta start somewhere, and the people over there need those years to learn how Democracy works ( the correct way, not the Hamas way ).

– The Gremlin Guy –

Continuation of the 1991 war which was ended with a cease fire agreement including the requirement that Iraq allow free access to UN weapons inspectors to make sure they had stopped making and stockpiling WMD’s meaning chemical and biological weapons mainly. Saddam refused the inspectors free access and after waiting much too long the US and it’s allies took the legal and correct course of resuming the Gulf War. Technically this is not a new war against Iraq but a resumption of the 1991 Gulf War,

this is my point of view first of all i am muslim egyptian i know most of you will think i am black beard *** hole with white cloth but i am not cuz egypt isnt like arabs anyway thou i am muslim i am totaly aganist sadam and osama and iran and other *** holes all over the world cuz these idiots give the wrong photos of islam they make people think that to be a good muslim is to look **** and smell like hell and kill who ever says no to islams but thats wrong its forbeden in isalm to do so and cuz egyptians dont do so they hate us as much as they hate americans so its the best if all the world including arabs and egyptians to stand and finish osama and the others once and for all and also the endless war bettween jews and mulims must end me myslef i got many jew friends and they are so cool so if osama and they others were stopped its gonna change the world but also to stop them it does not mean to kill everyone in the country after all what they have done you came looking for certian *** people kill them and leave the others and we will help you i think if osama is finished for good maby peace will come cuz here people feel ahted and we dont want war realy only osama and his new religion wants it and iran wants to hit egypt to god be with us to stop those basturds this was my point of view so if anyone agrees or disagrees plz do respond i want to hear all comments thanks 😛 . oh and by the way i lost a friend in the 9\11 **** and i say who ever did this could do it again anywhere thats why osama should be killed .

This is the wrong place to ask this question. THere are a lot of people on here with an agenda that have so much Bitterness and hatred toward GWB that they cant think clearly anymore.

Voice of Liberty – well said.

ADD: Considering the fact that we get most of our oil from Canada, the argument that we are there for oil just does not wash AT ALL

Its about oil having a foot hold in the middle east the president has kept changing his story first it was WMD then Major combat is over and now its the terrorist 911 was traced back to Afghanistan I’m not against the war just be up front with Americans its about the flow of oil

Voice of Liberty said it perfectly.

human rights and democracy…. dont get the two wars confused… one is for terrorism (afghanistan) the other is human rights (iraq)

Voice of Liberty , you are an insperation to us all.

It’s about having an American presence in the Middle East to protect the flow of oil, nothing more

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