Were the ancient Egyptians black?

My black Global History teacher, whose from Jamaica, told me that the ancient Egyptian Egyptians were black, and anyone who doesn’t believe so is racist.



But the second part of his statement seems a little extreme.
Maybe he has a chocolate chip on his shoulder? Wacka wacka wacka!

And anyways, where is Egypt now? In the shitter.

This is what I found. -points below-

“In the late 20th century, the typological model was revived in the domain of Afrocentric historiography and Black nationalism which suggests that Ancient Egypt was a “black civilization.” This includes a particular focus on links to southern African (Sub Saharan) cultures and the questioning of the race of specific notable individuals from Dynastic times, including Tutankhamun, Cleopatra VII, and the king represented in the Great Sphinx of Giza. This theory points to a strong cultural and ethnic affinity of the ancient Egyptians with their southerly neighbours, the inhabitants of the Nubian Empire, and that the ancient Egyptians were different from their Asiatic and Southern-European neighbours in terms of their darker skin colour and Africanoid features.”

Hope this information helps. 🙂 I truely believe there was Black Egyptians. ^ ^

The phrase “race” seemed around 50-75 years in the past. We talked about persons as black, white, yellow, crimson. I have no idea who came up with the inspiration of the word “race.” but ‘race’ is a scientific term for when animals are intently involving different animals, variety-of a sub-species of a unique animal. “Race’ has surely NOTHING to do with individuals and the color of their skin. The closest phrase we’ve got that is right is “ethics” A good illustration is the Civil conflict. There have been over one hundred one-of-a-kind flags within the Civil conflict. One Flag; the one we see at all times, was once shown in a black and white film, with no sound. Out of the blue that one flag; grew to become THE flag, of the Civil battle. That flag used to be on a accomplice warfare ship, that used to be sunk after 2 days of battle. It used to be under no circumstances used once more in the Civil war. However in television and films, and on vehicles, it is every the place!

They definitely weren’t white, but I personally wouldn’t classify them all as being black. Many of them were a dark tanned colour, similar if not a bit darker than they are today. Though ancient Egypt did often have people who were originally Nubian or from other countries, including Greece (particularly later in Egyptian history after it was conquered by the ancient Greeks)

If one looks at ancient Egyptian paintings, many of the figures in them are not black but a more tanned colour.

Your Global History Teacher is Wrong. My gosh, then we have our kids being taught by something like that. Put her on a slow boat to Jamaica.

Because they lived in places where it was extremely hot and therefore their skin was darker to cope with the heat

Even in hieroglyphics they look black so I guess anyone who says they can’t be black cos they dislike black people is racist

Or he could just wanna show that black people were important in history to


They had a good mix of Nubian, Black African, Arab, Cannonite, Bedouin, all of varying hues of black and brown

I actually think it was mixed, both white and black i guess the way to find out is to look at the paintings on their walls and see 🙂

They had blacks, but not as majority. That’s what I’ve heard, and I’m from around there.

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