Spiritually speaking, would you eat a troll house cookie?

If you knew it was made with tender loving care and tasted great but gave you the runs afterwards?

BQ: who makes the best troll house cookies?

H*ll no! I wouldn’t trust anything a troll made!

Especially those Politics and Cats trolls!


N E S T L E S makes the very best

For breakfast, trolls consume basic, forthright bloggers who’re telling a certainty that desperately desires to be pronounced. For lunch, they have yet another helping of the comparable. And, they often drink their dinners. yet, not in public. which may be immoral and others could learn they have fallen off their holy extreme horses.

Sure !!! I never met a cookie I didn’t like.

No, but I try to bake a couple dozen every now and then.

Yes, I would take the risk.

I do.

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