Sore throat help please. Getting worst.?

On friday, there was a slight sore throat and headache problem with me. As the days went on it became worst. Now today my headache is completely gone but my throat is KILLING ME. Another thing I had for just 1 day was slight ear irritation. My parents checked me for strep throat, there was no pus in my throat or…

That’s pretty much a textbook example of a throat infection.


sounds like strep throat. I had it about a week ago. it took me 2 or 3 days of having a sore throat before the white pus and redness started to show. Try cepacol throat lozenges or cloroceptic spray…it will numb the throat long enough for you to eat something…drink lots of fluids. its the best way to wash the germs out. also I found gargling with warm salt water helps.

good luck. 🙂

It might be tonsilitus, I know I didn’t spell that right. But if it’s not strep, it must be that. I’ve had strep a lot in my life, this last time was REALLY bad like what you’re describing. I hope you feel better, I know when I had it I wanted to die. ;/

Probably strep, or some kind of infection. You wont know for sure until you go to the doctor. Hope you feel better soon!

Try drinking honey with the juice of a lemon added to warm or iced water. It help me twice went i had sore throat problem.
After you had recover, try to correct your diet to one filled with more fruits, veggies, clean water n some supplements(vit c, at least) on a daily basis because these days our food doesn’t give us enough nutrients and with polluted environment, we’ll fall sick even more easily if we eat poorly.
Visit on more info of body n environment pollution.

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