Scary stories to tell at sleepover?

Any ghost stories, legends, or scary stories to tell? I’m having a sleepover with some of my friends, and we want something that’ll scare us!
I know ones like La llorana(the weeping woman,legend from Mexico &Texas) La Chusa(same) but we have all heard it many times before.Along with Bloody Mary. So, any…

Tell this one it scared a kid I told it to..
A little girl was coming to stay with her grandma overnight. After Grandma told her goodnight, the little girl turned off her lamp and lay down in bed. But she thought she heard someone calling her, saying, ” Little girl…where are you?” She thought her grandma was playing a trick on her. She lay down again. Then she heard, ” Little girl…I’m in your house.” She was a little spooked but tried to go to sleep again. Then, ” Little girl…I’m in your living room.” She could hear someone walking around downstairs. Then she heard heavy footsteps on the stairs, and the voice saying,” Little girl…I’m coming up the stairs.” Her bedroom door was open and she could see a shadow s l o w l y coming up the stairs. She heard, ” Little girl…I’m in the hallway.” She hid herself under the covers, then she heard, ” Little girl…I’m in your bedroom.” Then, she heard, “Little girl…I’VE GOT YOU!” It sounds a little like Scream but that’s not where I got the idea; I’ve heard this story all my life.

this isn’t a story, but it’ll freak people out. well it scared me at least.
you need to learn the trick to it thought, it’s hard to explain so i’de suggest googleing it. but what it does is that you ask the computer a question, and it gives you the right answer. it’s because you’re supposed to type in a petition, but you’re really typing in the answer and your friends don’t know it. so they’ll get all freaked out about it
that probably didn’t make sense, so yeah. google works wonders=)

me and my friend always go to chicago and we have to stop by the cemetary where ghost spottings were. The intersting one that we found was Resurrection Mary. if you type into a yahoo search engine for resurrection mary there are a couple good stories … good luck

as quickly as a boy named Ted and a woman named Sara. They have been going out and one night they took a romantic force. They parked on the right of a cliff and grew to become on the radio. “there is an escaped convict from the (enter your city right here) reformatory and he’s prevalent to have a medal hook as a magnificent hand and a denims. in case you have any info of him please call the close by police.” the information reporter stated. “Ted, i’m scared! enable’s circulate domicile!” Sara stated. “it is superb” Ted stated. They have been approximately to kiss while they heard scratching on the exterior of the door. “it is in all threat purely a bush” Ted stated. a couple of minutes later they heard it lower back. “TED! i’m scared! enable’s circulate domicile!” Sara exclaimed. so as that all of them started rushing domicile. while they have been given domicile and Sara have been given out of the automobile, she observed a steel hook caught on the door handle…

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