Saudi Arabia- Friend OR Foe???

Saudi Arabia is a friend to the US. The Saudi people are as friendly as many other friendly people. & their willingness to be friends with American people is just as much as Americans’ willingness to be friends with them. Those hijackers were enemies to Saudi Arabia as they are to the US. They regard Saudi Arabia as a satanic kingdom, who’s a puppet in America’s hand.

Saudi Arabia is not a friend to Israel for sure. Israel wouldn’t like it to see Saudi Arabia getting close to the US. Just like the UK & Argentina during the Falkland war. Both countries had fairly good relation with the US, & each wanted to get the US closer to its side against the other.

Edit: I’m not a Saudi

Friend forever and ever.Bin Laden worked for the C.I,A back in the late 1980,s early 1990,s.the 911 terrorist all had Saudi passports.what does that mean!.Black Gold forever is the deal probably could mean TATTERS for the Foe.I thought that was Iraq. but on c-span Russia was said to have had a hand in the removal of WMD,s from Iraq.just to be fair and balanced “fox news ” never mentioned that. but yes Saudi is Friend”BEST” .good day my dear. F.P

Friend to the Bush Family.

Merchant selling a product, neither friend or foe to the US Citizens

Foe to the American people, yet best friends with the Bush family. Imagine that.

saudi is a chum of u . s . a . via compulsion and on the comparable time u . s . a . is friendly with saudi becos of compulsion. saudi needs a chum in the west for company applications(it rather is friendly united states even nevertheless muslim in doenot stress islam on peole exterior the rustic) u . s . a . needs some one in the midsection east to maintain on any talk with musims. even you are able to think of of pakisthan the comparable way,even nevertheless the pakisthani governament is frindly considerable portion of its inhabitants hates u . s . a ., or perhaps in the protection stress there are various that help rather is as quickly as a chum of Taliban they grow to be foes of taliban becos they’re frightened of u . s . a . in simple terms see the modern-day quote via president musharaff (how am i able to do smething aginst u . s . a . if i gain this u . s . a . will attack my human beings). in muslim international it rather is in trouble-free terms a compulsion to be linked with u . s . a .. to a pair quantity Saudi is a significant united states it in no way backed any terrorisam in nay united states it even questioned incorrect techniques of alternative muslim countires, they even warned pakisthan approximately there help to terrorisam in kasmir. yet you are able to’t assume each physique the rustic to be your chum so it rather is a foe in this type of chum. it rather is often importent to be careful with mulsim international places becos muslims allover the international are greater honest to the religion then the rustic they stay in. it rather is hammerred into their heads of their madrasas to be honest to faith kill who do no longer belive you. so i end that even saudi would desire to delt with heavily.

Friend to themselves first, like any smart nation.

Foe? They’ve done good and bad, the royals, such as allowing the religious police to run amok on their non-gated population. I have this first-hand from friends who worked in SA.

FOE!!!! And yet, Bush still loves them despite what they did to us on 9/11


FOE to the US people, friend to the US government

FOE, as PROVEN on 9/11. (Almost all of the hijackers were citizens of saudi).

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