Obama’s approval rating has fallen more sharply than ANY other newly elected President in history?

To say Barack Obama’s honeymoon period with the American people is over would be a gross understatement.

Figures from major pollsters confirm that the president’s approval rating is declining at an unprecedented rate, and by the hour.

Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential tracking Poll today shows that only 28% of…

Be patient, December 2 weeks before Christmas.

sub 30 percent.

How will your holiday be?

I realize that being president is not an easy job. You will never please everyone. Once Obama’s presidency is complete, I will make the call of whether or not I think he did a good job. He will make mistakes as all people do.
Instead of rooting against our president, doesn’t it make more sense to try to work with him? Whether you like him or not, he represents our country at this time and for any progress to be made everyone will have to find some common ground.

Really? I heard Regan had similar numbers early on?

President Obama Job Approval
Polling Data
RCP Average 8/27 – 9/4__________53.0___42.2__+10.8
Gallup 9/2 – 9/4__________________53___40____+13
Rasmussen Reports 9/2 – 9/4_______49___51_____-2
Democracy Corps (D) 8/29 – 9/1_____51___42____+9
CNN/Opinion Research 8/28 – 8/31___53___45___+8
Ipsos-McClatchy 8/27 – 8/31________56___40___+16
CBS News 8/27 – 8/31____________56___35____+21

President Obama Job Approval
RCP Average 8/20 – 9/1___________52.8___41.7__+11.1
Gallup 08/30 – 09/01________________54___40___+14
Rasmussen Reports 08/30 – 09/01_____46____53___-7
CNN/Opinion Research 08/28 – 08/31___53___45___+8
Ipsos-McClatchy 08/27 – 08/31________56___40___+16
CBS News 08/27 – 08/31____________56___35___+21
Pew Research 08/20 – 08/27_________52___37___+15

Two Weeks ago
President Obama Job Approval
RCP Average 8/11 – 8/18________51.4___41.4___+10.0
Pew Research 08/11 – 08/17_______51____37___+14
NBC News 08/15 – 08/17__________51___40____+11
Gallup 08/16 – 08/18______________51___41___+10
Rasmussen Reports 08/16 – 08/18___51___49___+2
FOX News 08/11 – 08/12__________53___40___+13

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Actually if it were to high something would not be right about that. I am no surprised that it isn’t because no one is going to like everything that he is doing. It is still early and i beleive with the more experience he gets the more his polls will increase. I am just loving him.

You are forgetting that 9/11 is just around the corner, and after that we blindly supported Bush to be loyal to America, not matter how much he ****** up.

source for your main statement in your question?

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