I’ll alert the media, Dave Chappelle made a racist comment about white people!?

Man my feelings are hurt. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it another day because Dave Chappelle made fun of my race. I guess I could start a movement to get him fired like Imus. Oh yeah that won’t happen, only blacks can say what they want to say. I forgot.

Really now. Imus has gone too far for too long. Call the network about Dave Chapelle. He has had backlash before. He even stopped his show before. Dave Chapelle does things within the same skit that makes fun of all races including his own.

I do not understand how everyone is defending him. The man needed to get canned. Oh well! The thing is, I can guarantee that Dave Chapelle will stand on his own. He will fight his own battle as a man does. Those young ladies did not ask Sharpton or Jackson to step in. They did not start a campaign.

If anyone you should be angry at is not the young ladies at all. They wanted an apology, and they deserved one.

Everyone is making this just a black issue. A few of the womans rights groups stood up against this one too. So why is that being ignored. I was not only offended by the racial slur, I was even more offended by the jab at women.

Tell me, how would you feel if someone called your mother, sister, or wife a ho? The problem is when things like this happens. It makes some men think that they have the right to now treat a woman with disrespect.

Just the fact alone that he referred to 10 young women, 2 which were white as hos is enough for him to be fired.

I find it amazing that people are overlooking that. Let me ask you this, if you went around your job calling innocent women ho’s, how long would it be before you would be fired. The employer would be justified in firing you right?

So why is it because he put a racial slur in front of it is suppose to be okay?

There is no double standard in my book. The ones that work for me know that if they call a white person the “C” word, their butt is out. If they call someone the “N” word, they are out! If they call a woman a “B” or a ho or any thing else like that, they are out!!!

I think people are looking at Sharpton and Jackson and thinking that we agree with everything they say. They are radicals, most black people pay them no mind.

Hmmmmm…doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that your azz is white. You white people are the most complaining, whining species on planet earth. Imus’ white, dorky azz deserved everything he got because he was just another white man taking up precious space and air time on American networks. And you people are so stupid and fail to realize that white people have been the oppressors of many nations. They have NO right to talk about anybody because most of the negativity and racial slurs have come from them. I’ve heard many white comedians use the “N” word, but nothing was said. Dave Chappelle’s sketch comedies have had white people using the “N” word. And Chappelle has said things about all races, but he’s teaching an underlying lesson–“it looks stupid for anybody to use racial slurs.” Comedies are full of satire, and they don’t show people’s true feelings like that Imus person… Don Imus is a prick with other underlying issues. A white person better not say the “N”-word period. As a matter of fact, no white person should use any racial slur–whether they’re serious or not…

OH WOW…………here is a tissue!

Not one white person can say that they did not laugh when Dave Chappelle posed as a blind Klansman! Well maybe one or two did not laugh.

Go ahead and start your movements………..bowel movements this whole subject is full of sh$t!!!

Reply~ Little girl………spacecase or whatever your name is. You just need to get over it. What is done is done! Now if you don’t like what is said to you in the black neighborhood, keep your a$s out! I really don’t believe the called you a cracker either, that is just something you heard being said all day on YAHOO! Get a grip! So really, what is your beef? If you feel like there was an injustice, then you need to voice your opinion early on! Don’t wait and [email protected] about it later!

So you see a handful of black folks super angry at Don Imus and assume that all of us care that much… I could care less because you can’t change stupid… and why get mad at black people because your people are too chicken **** to say anything if something offensive is said against them, I don’t get it . LMAO you would be shot down…. he he sure you would *wink*

Well, I suppose you really can’t understand it in that you do not have to deal with this kind of s-hit on a daily basis. For me, I’m not mad at what Imus said, but at the double standard white people are setting up for black people.
Examples: Mel Gibson made anti-Jewish comments; everybody wants to boycott his movies and throw him out of Hollywood.
Isaiah Washington calls a man a *******; everybody wants him fired from the show.
Imus calls a few black girls nappy-headed hoes; everybody thinks that he has the right to say that and want black people to s-hut the hell up and take the s-hit.
I guess after you have seen black people portray on TV, that now makes YOU an expert on black culture. Sorry, that I have offended you Mr. White man.

See the thing is Dave Chappelle not only talks about white people he makes jokes about other races to and there are plenty of white people making black joke mexican jokes chinese
jokes and more so y are u getting mad when black finally learn who to stand up for themselves and learn not to take **** from white people.

Chappelle never seemed racist to me. I always thought he was making fun of racism and stereotypes perpetuated by both whites AND blacks.

boo hoo, cry me a d*mn river!! dave chapelle was funny, don imus wasn’t funny, now stop your whinning and go burn a cross or somethin

the mans black , there is a double standard or a triple standard if you want to include the Mexicans that make racist comments about white people or a forth standard etc. etc. , anyway its the hypocrisy of our democracy


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