If Obama = McCain, and McCain = Bush, what does Obama = ?

In math , if a=b, and b=c, the a=c. So in this case, Obama would equal Bush and also along with McCain. Since Bush is disaster, then none of them are any good to vote for. The reason I say Obama equals McCain is that McCain is considered a Republican liberal or communist like Obama. However, he says he wants to…

Some real equations and facts:

Bush = Disaster

McCain = Status Quo

Obama = Status Quo with some public spending

Number of communists in American political system = 0
Percentage of voters with a political education = 10- 20%

Bush = From freedom –> Oppression

McCain = 4 more years of Bush

Obama = Oppression –> Freedom

Sorry but your formula is wrong, it should read
Obama > McCain and McCain = Bush then Bush < Obama

Obama doesn’t equal McCain, though.


Obama= Terrorists


Obama = Jimmy Carter


Dangerous man – that has know idea what he is doing

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