I just bought a Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG and can’t believe a car like this gets girls to talk to you more?

It’s like magic! 5 years ago i couldn’t get a girlfriend to save my life and now since i’m doing good on my investing i rewarded myself with a new car! Now just any new car but a Mercedes Benz and now i have girls who would walk past me and not speak to speaking and i can’t get them to shut-up…

So you finally realized that “girls don’t like men, they like cars and money”

American women simplest reminiscent of you if when you’ve got cash fame (or both) and that you may pay money for them. Utilising a Merc method you would have money (despite the fact that you cant afford to fill the fuel tank). They are as shallow as they arrive. Mercedes is a German car and they even use them for taxis in Germany.

Well, yes, that’s a nice car and sure there are girls who will now want to know you because you have money. That’s fine if you like and want those types of girls. But if you lose your money or a richer guy comes along, they’ll dump you. Better off getting a nice decent girl who likes you for you. You have sex with the gold digger types while you can, but you marry and have a good family life with the nice, decent girls. Your choice.

Be careful last thing you want is someone who just wants your material things
You should pick her up in a taxi and not your car lets see how she would react lol

Wow not this question again.
You’ve asked this fake question like 20 times now in the last few months.

Stop it, you freak.

Sad but true, don’t let woman use you. In Europe you could have it all and still not do well woman wise

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