Hows my writing style? good? bad?

This isn’t my story, i just made this up on the spot. So if its random, or just plain stupid, my apologies. If there are any mistakes, I’m sorry. Yahoo has trouble keeping up with a lot of words. 😛

I looked up at the rich navy blue sky and gazed with awe as i watched the bright flashing stars fall…

You writing style is really awesome!
im actually trying to write a novel myself but i constantly have trouble with the descriptive parts
but you just seem to be a natural at it & imagination if you made this up on the spot

Wanna check out my short story?

Eventually any person with a transparent head. You absolutely simply made my day proper there. The books, the films, the franchise, its all just particularly hilarious to me. Its ridiculous! Its no longer even excellent material, yet there are however-many-million fan ladies (and guys i consider…) WORLD broad that have absolutely lost their minds in this crappy story. My favourite quote from a assessment on the the franchise : “The worlds most uninteresting girl can not stand it that two pretty boys are in love along with her.” Is that spot on or what? It’s horrible, since not handiest can we sane folks have got to put up with Twilight crap, we also must put up with all the other lame sequence and books that come out seeing that authors and producers are all just jumping on a band wagon unquestionably heading to targeted doom. Indiana Jones kind. They simply cannot see it but. *Sigh* thank you again, for that lovely get away from people blinded by means of stupidity. <3 completely satisfied Answering, Grace

It’s not bad, needs some working to be done in certain grammar criterions, but overall, good effort 😉 I’m 16 btw, I write articles and stories as well.

I like it & don’t think it’s choppy at all.
You seem to have noticed the capitalization, so I won’t point that out.
I like the details & I’d probably read more(:

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Eh. It’s written okay, but I didn’t go past the first paragraph. You didn’t hook me.

Work on a hook, basically.

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