How do I acquire a U.S. Social Security number?

Could someone advise/assist me, how to acquire a U.S. Social Security number?
I am a Canadian citizen and currently live in Toronto. I have heard that in some cases one can acquire it from overseas. The dilemma is that my likely U.S. employer declines to assist with that process in any way, but rather wants a…

a foreigner cannot work in the United States (or Canada for that matter) without having the appropriate visa. your potential employer will have to plead the case that you are essential, fill a qualifying job description, and they have no suitable american that can be employed. that’s a tall order, but it can be done. The only other way is to apply to become a permanent resident alien (green card). Either way go to the American consulate for more info. your SSA application and number will be part of the process of being granted authority to work in the USA. It sounds like your employer needs to fill out an I-9 form without securing your right to work, which would make you an illegal immigrant.

You need a green card from immigration to become eligible to apply for a Social Security Number.

Doesn’t the US have an embassy or consulate in Toronto? If so I suggest that you go there with a certified copy of your birth certificate and ID and apply.

No, you are not a citizen. In case you came into america illegally, you might be an unlawful alien and need to go back to your own country and follow to return back to the States legally.

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