How do Arabs call Israel?

I noticed that Arabs avoid to call Israel by its name. They use idiotic abberrations which, in their mind , are funny but which are really stupid, like “isreal”, “israhell”and so on.

Why do Arabs avoid calling Israel by its correct and official name? If it´s out of hatred, then about what…

You are right; Muslim Arabs avoid calling Israel by its correct official name. Instead, they use euphemism like” enemy”, “Zionist enemy”, “Zionist entity” ,” Zionists”, or insults like “Israhell” or “SSrael”.

The reason, of course, is not arabs in Gaza; in 1948 – 1967, when the Arabs in Gaza were under
the sovereignity of Egypt and the Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem were under Jordan, they called Israel exactly the same: enemy, Zionist enemy … but carefully avoided calling it by its official name.

The true reason is that Arabs do not recognize Israel and did not refuse of their idea of “throwing the Jews into the sea” or “filling the Arab land with Jewish blood”; they go on dreaming about this. But they can only dream – and this drives them crazy.

“Peace” with Arabs? What are you talking about? In the nearest 50 or 60 years, it will be a great achievement if there will not be another Arab-Israeli war.

First, they would never call it Isreal. That’s just inverting two letters, and it spells “Is Real”. That’s something they would like to avoid, since it runs counter to many of their sensibilities.

Israhell is one I’ve seen. One I occasionally see is ZOG, or Zionist Occupation Government, which I usually see used by white supremacists in the media. There is the “Occupiers of Palestine” , as well.

There is Isn’t-real, which is the opposite of Isreal. Also, many Arab newspapers have used Israel, but in the context of “Israel” (notice the quotes).

Arabs who avoid calling it by it’s real name do it mostly because they don’t recognize it as a country. I could argue, until I’m blue in the face, that the idea that it isn’t is rather idiotic, as it has everything that fits a country; however, they refuse to recognize it as such. I think a lot of it is rather out of hatred. Some are generally concerned about the Palestinians. However, I think that there is some that finds it humiliating that it’s existence might represent a point where they were inferior to the Jews. Many Arabs will deny this, but consider this: Prior to Israel, how were Jews treated in the Middle East. Look at Yemen, one of the most extreme examples, where Jews were systematically oppressed. Or, look at Syria, and consider that the generation in charge saw the few Jews that continue to live there under harsh conditions, like having property taken away, education limited to them by the state, and no passports allowed to them. You lost to these people?!? I think some of it does indeed stem from that.

Israel is not even in the book of many of Muslims textbooks. Those Arab/Muslim states that have nothing to do with Pals-Israeli conflict. The call the land Palestine. Geography is just another subject on the list those countries are regimes not good at. To add to the long list of the worlds they are missing from their dictionary… Like respects to other religions, Democracy, Human Rights, Analytical skills…

All the textbooks in the Palestinian children schools call Green Line Israel PALESTINE

The Zionist Entity is very popular. In Lebanon they have a quaint little song that goes by the title of “Al-Mawt Li Israel”, quite a catchy little tune I find myself humming it all the time.

“Israel” is as is because there is no such thing; there is only real authentic Palestine.

You mean Zionist fanatics here who avoid calling Palestinian territories by the official name, and instead use some mythical Biblical names like Judea and Samaria. Stupidity at its best don’t you agree my friend? 😉

Arabs usual names for Israel is “enemy”, “Zionists” , “zionist entity”. And the Arab hatred to the Jews issomething increadible, it´s already closer to paranoya. As an example , read the letter sent by the French Arabs to the Arabs of Gaza, where they ask them not to come to France and not to send to France strawberries and flowers, because it can help ” the Zionist enemy”. Putting it clear, Arab leaders in France wish to stop Gaza-Hamas exports to France – for fear that these help Israel.

In an official letter to the interior minister of the Hamas government in Gaza, the heads of Palestinian Arab communities in Tolouse, Strassbourg and other cities asked him to put an end to Gaza farmers’ exports. The reference is to goods that arrive in France via French Jews and the Israeli company Agrexco.

The Arabs complain that Agrexco works against the Arab boycott of Jewish produce from Judea and Samaria, and is actually using Gaza farmers and their produce to this end. The letter states that Agrexco and the French Jews invited Arab strawberry and rose farmers to visit France and Holland and hold press conferences there – all in order to hurt the boycott campaign against Israel.

The letterstates clear, “We wish to inform you that the visit of the delegations will negatively influence support for the boycott of Jewish produce from the settlements, as well as on the morale of the parties that support our boycott… The enemy is trying to use these farmers as an excuse to sell its products from settlements.”

Have you noticed the word “enemy”? This is what Arabs call Israel.
And the Arab talks about how they want “peace”… It´s a smoke screen for the naive Americans, Europeans – and Israelis.

Why would Arabs call my country ‘Israhell’
That’s how WE call it because of the conflict between us and Arabs -.-
Imagine walking in the street with your children and suddenly there’s a siren
starting and you have to find somewhere safe to hide within 8 seconds .
Sounds like a children’s game , but we’re “playing it” on our lives .
Its been like that for 8 years .

2nd part of your answer :
Israel have tried many times to make peace with Arabs ,
we even gave them lands that they claim it to be theirs (we conquered those lands in war)
to make some kind of negotiation and declare peace .
They want everything .. but it is OURS .

I believe Arabs call Israel Palestine mostly ,
and I do think that they gave Israel that name .
No idea why .

They sold Israel’s lands long time ago because the land was not successful for gardening
and making profit , we bought it , made a huge success , and now they want it back
after we made a huge success out of it .


i never heard anyone called Israel ” Israhell ” its kinda an english word.
what is “isreal” u mean : is real ??

we call it Israel but in Arabic, we spell the S , S not Z like u

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