Donald Trump vs Bernie Sanders?

This is my first presidential election, I just sent my voter application in the mail to register. Ive watched many of Sanders’ and Trump’s speeches, but I cannot decide who is more capable of being president. I think Sanders really understands the problem with wealth inequality and youth unemployment, but I…

I recommend you watch some youtube clips of Bernie Sanders on Bill Maher. Carley Fiorina also makes a lot of appearances on Bill Maher. They have a lot of interesting political discussions on the show. Why? Because Bernie Sanders is a very genuine person, unlike so called left-wingers like Elizabeth Warren and Shillary Clinton.

Donald Trump doesn’t come off as genuine to me, in other words, what are his real positions? That said, if it were between Trump and Hillary, I’d vote Trump because Hillary’s in the pockets of billionaires, and while Trump is a billionaire himself, there’s something about Hillary I can’t trust.

Trump doesn’t seem to understand that he can’t make the changes he promises, or maybe he does know and doesn’t care what he says as long as it gets a headline. I have very little respect for the three times married and adulterous Trump. I don’t know much about Sanders, I do think at 73 he may be too old for a first term president. I’m a Democrat, I haven’t voted for a Republican since they became so hateful. You can make up your own mind.
Don’t confuse bombast with leadership ability.

I really think you should go with sanders; he understands the system. He’s been in it for decades, and he has remained consistent for the entirety of his career. If I had to elect a gop candidate, though, it would be trump. Bernie is who I think you should go with

If Bernie Sanders raises taxes like he proposes, the United Ststes will enter a deep economic depression.

A true believer Marxist\socialist\communist versus a Capitalist? Seriously. All you have to do is look at the history of Marxism\socialism\communism even as it is being displayed today (yes libs I include the Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Denmark etc because it’s simply a matter of time as they accepted and implemented Marxism\socialism\”soft” communism in their countries later than the current failures of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy etc.) versus the successes of Capitalism. I’ll take America and every other Capitalist country over any liberal\leftist ‘utopia’ such as Cuba, Venezuela, the former Soviet Union etc. anytime.

Colonel Sanders D-VT, will cater to TRUMP’S BBQ

Sanders is a complete loser being funded by job killing labor unions. He needs to have several seats. Trump on the other hand is on fire. We need a shot caller like him to be president!

If you like socialists like Sanders, then you should live in a socialist country. The US is virtually the least socialist country in the world. So if that’s what you like, then I suggest you leave.

Compare the substance – not rhetoric – of the two, and you find one is superior in that aspect, in actual proposals, not just vague criticisms. I will not tell you which one, you need to look into the facts behind the issues, then read their solutions and choose the one that is most rational.

Shawn is right! Trust neither. Either surrender your rights or be murdered for fear of enslavement.

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