Doe anyone else get really annoyed with cell phone users?

Cell phones should not be used in public restaurants, in public restrooms, and while you are with your friends. Nobody wants to hear a lengthy conversation in any of those situations. It’s rude to be talking to someone on the phone while there are other people you are hanging out with have to listen to. It’s also disgusting to be using a public restroom while having a conversation…the other people in the restroom and most likely the person on the phone doesn’t want to hear you taking care of bathroom business.

I am really annoyed with these kids who have cell phones that are like 10, I mean really what’s a ten year old need a cell phone for? Now I’m 17 and I really want my own cell phone, so my parents, without my knowledge, get this phone for free and put it under their plan… It’s got to be the crappiest phone out there, I swear, the old ’80s cell phone, that really FAT one is better than this one. They knew I wanted a phone but they didn’t tell me about it so I couldn’t choose what kind, and another thing is they make me share it with my sister! Which is horrible…

Sometimes. Especially on the bus. It seems these days that people can’t even be alone for two seconds. As soon as they get off work they are dialing someone to tell them they’re heading home. What’s the use?! I mean, I can see the use of calling someone if you are making special plans or meeting up, or not going to come right home. But this is a conversation I can’t staaand, and I hear it pretty much every day:

“Ring ring ring” (ring goes on for way too long as person takes time answering or doesn’t hear because they’re listening to iPods, another annoying invention!)

“Hello? …. I’m just on the bus, where are you? I’m just turning the corner near the mall… no, I’ll be home in about ten minutes… okay… okay… okay…. bye.”

Gah! Annoying!

And I also hate it when people have long, drawn out conversations about boyfriends and gossip and whatever else. I don’t want to hear about how drunk you got last weekend or who so and so is seeing and what your friends have to say about it. And I hate it when the bus or waiting room or whatever else is quiet except for the one person gabbing on his or her phone, LOUDLY… and you can’t help but listen to their damn conversation.

Ah. That feels better now.

And yep, I have a cell phone. But I also have respect for others!

It creates a very dangerous situation to use the cellphone while driving. Cellphone drivers actually appear to be driving drunk when other people view their cars veering to the right or left or speeding up & then slowing down. It’s also sometimes difficult to get around them because they just aren’t paying enough attention to the road.

It’s annoying & very rude when someone you’re with takes a call & continues to talk on the phone while you sit there staring into space.’

It depends on the situation. If someone is talking on their cell phone in a movie theater or during a church service, then yes, that’s incredibly annoying.

But cell phones are really handy little devices, and I don’t mind people walking around talking on their phones. I do it too.

The only time it majorly annoys me is when….I am spray/airbrush tanning a client, their cell phone rings, and they ask me to stop so they can answer it!!! It takes me 15 minutes to spray tan a client..can they not put it on silent for 15 minutes??!!!??!

Yes. I think it should be a punishable offense to talk on your cell phone in a public restroom. Please people – is no where sacred?

Only when they are interrupting something. I have one myself and usually silence it when I don’t want to bother others (like in a theater).

I do, I cant stand driving behind them while their on their phones

i hate when they talk really loud even if they are in a quiet plce,

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