Can homosexuality be cured by God, or does it not exist in the first place?

Homosexuality is a temptation, like stealing or murder and so no one is born that way, we all have these temptations.
People who feel the need to experiment with this sin have been changed by prayer and a morality injection by God. Why do people say you cannot cure a person who is “gay” when no one is a…

Can murder be cured by God, or does it not exist in the first place?

Can drunkeness be cured by God, or does it not exist in the first place?

Can fornication be cured by God, or does it not exist in the first place?

Can lying be cured by God, or does it not exist in the first place?

Can homosexuality be cured by God, or does it not exist in the first place?

Etc… these are all choices. The cure is within yourself. Choose wisely!

Ok honestly, I used to be a Christian. I’m not anymore because of judgmental people like you. I am gay and I’ve been gay forever. I did not choose, nor would I choose this lifestyle. It’s so much more harder than being straight. And I can remember being attracted to guys from when I was very young. Of course I didn’t know what that meant at the time or even realize I was gay and no I didn’t act out on those feelings cause I was young, I didn’t know how to.

Second of all, if homosexuality is a “sin” how come back in history, it was thought better to be gay than straight? Like Shakespeare’s time, gay love was true love and was thought higher than straight love because straight love was just to have babies. Gay love was real and pure. They were religious back then. And back in Greece, it was very common to have gay relationships.

Please, stop being so judgmental and just love. Because if it is a sin, then why do you care if we go to hell? Because by your actions, it seems like you don’t care. And don’t give bull about how you’re supposed to try to reach people for Jesus because you sure ain’t doing it this way.

As is usual, you make a bunch of completely ridiculous assertions without any evidence to back them up.

My answer to you is:

Neither of the above. If there is a God, then he created people homosexual. There’s no ability nor need to “cure” them. Homosexuality does exist, and in fact, your ascribing it to a temptation is very illuminating. It certainly makes one suspect that you feel those temptations strongly, and resist them because your religious bigotry won’t allow you to be honest with yourself. Poor Jayden.

homosexuality can’t be cured because there is nothing to be cured. Its a natural thing just like having brown hair or blonde hair. You’re just born that way and nothing can change that.

temptations are desires, not actions by the way. We all have negative temptations but don’t always act on them.

hERE WE GO AGAIN! Homosexuality is not something that can be cured.

“No one is born that way”. So you say! But that does not make you right, it just make you a person who has prejudices, probably because of what you have been taught in your religion. What you call sin, others do not. You think that you are right and everybody else is wrong. What a very Christian attitude to have. Do you think that Jesus would put up a question and comment like you have., I do not think so.

Do unto others, and love thy neighbour, does not just mean as long as they act the way I want them to!

One is born gay and if one “is cured” they are kidding themselves because of the possible harrassment they receive at the hands of people like you.

I have met and talked with a guy that claimed, in front of a church service, that he had been “cured” of homosexuality. I don’t know how true he was being but I did believe that, at some point, he was gay. His voice and hand motions gave it away..I almost feel like some people think they are “healed” of homosexuality but in reality it may be a temporary thing-no doubt many go back to it.

Doesnt need to be cured, it is not a disease. It is not like stealing or murder and people are most definitely born homosexual. It is not a sin, it just is. Homosexuals need understanding , acceptance and love just like everybody else

I simply do not understand how someone that isn’t even gay knows more about being gay than gay people do.

Could you please explain how you were endowed with this knowledge, yet the people of which if pertains do not?

Or, is this all based on your own thinking, and not really any factual information?

So if you see a person walking down the street with their back to you and find them attractive, but when you pass them you realize that they are the same sex as you. Does that make you gay?

1st Corinthians 6:9

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