America, Why do you love or hate the great United States of America ? :)?

Im American, and i love my country. especially for its military. All of our freedom and all. but what i don’t understand is why other countries hate us so much. but are so quick to flock they behinds over here in time of desperation. I thought we did some good in the world. personally i think it makes the world…

I love the US too but we do tend to step on people’s toes….

i in my opinion hate u . s . of america because you sped up the technique of globalisation therefore watering down others cultures, your authorities is corrupt (conflict in Iraq, funding South American communities in the chilly conflict to overthrow Communist leaders in user-friendly words to finally end up causing a fine looking good few genocides in the technique), Your remedy of the section people in the previous and that still seems to exist by utilizing searching at your contact upon immigration. I also hate that even although your between the youngest countries in the international you nonetheless imagine your so severe and amazing only because you’ve some funds. and also you probably did not start up equals rights us, Brits did ( The suffragettes in the 1800s began the equivalent rights for women ) You began the equivalent rights for diverse racial communities, that you seem antagonistic to!

Now some weaker independent countries see the US of A as a threat to world peace, acting like private armies of those big corporations.

what I hate about the USA is we are always breaking our backs to help
other countries. but when we get into little problem it sees the other countries
turn there backs on us. and the other problem is we as a country need to clean
our backyard first instead of trying to fixed somebody else problems.

its very corrupt. politics assume americans are dumb(partially true) and minipulate us. the freedom part is very far streched.
i dont hate usa jsut the fact the politics in thsi country are f*cked up but then again its same in other countrys to.

Its a no win situation man. When we basically isolated ourselves from the world, people hated us for that. Now were involved in the world, people hate us for that.

The Constitution.

Oh my God! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the answer is in your own question, look weally, weally hard. I’m American, so, of course, I don’t hate America at all but… are you serious? I’ll spoil it for you. Okay, do you even know what our military does? Did you even check your grammar? I’ll let you figure out the rest.

I love america!! Its my home and always will be:)

I like the USA but don’t like our wars, they’re wrong.

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