Why doesn’t President Obama sell some of the United State’s nuclear weapons to other countries?

The other day I read an article about how President Obama wanted to destroy the United State’s supply of nuclear weapons, because the cold war has been over for more than a decade and we simply don’t need them anymore. Rather than destroying them, why don’t we just sell them to other countries that want…

We could sell several thousand Nuclear Weapons to Israel and Several thousand Nuclear Weapons to south Korea and Taiwan.

That way if the Muslim Terrorists give Israel any trouble, Israel can pop off thosands of Nuclear Weapons against the Muslim Terrorists.

That will be the end of the Muslim Terrorists.

If we sell several thousand Nuclear Weapons to South Korea, then if that nit wit lil Kim in North Korea gives South Korea any trouble then south Korea can detonate several thousand Nucleqar Weapons in North Korea. That will be the end of North Korea.

Well first we don’t want any more countries to have nuclear weapons, and the fuel can be used to power reactors to generate electricity so you don’t need to sell them to get money for them. Surely you know this and have some hidden agenda with this question.

The danger is not in third world countries causing pollution through developing nuclear weapons-the danger is that they will use them against us!

Stop the cut and paste crap, the first half dozen times it was sort of amusing, but now it is just getting old.

At the very least try to reword it or come up with something original if you insist on posting it again!!!!

I can’t believe this question was asked. It is so dumb .
Why would you sell them to a foreign country who might come back and use them ON US!
I know there are some people out there that are dumb enough to do this but I pray they are not running the government!

Well that would be against the nuclear proliferation treaty and the only countries that want to buy them would be countries that you really dont want having them.
But I will give you some kudos for for at least brainstorming something. you have asked some pretty whack stuff but your getting better.

Ha ha, that is probably thee dumbest difficulty ever, and believe me. You progressives have pronounced some dumb stuff. Who knows what form of pollutants it is going to reason???? WTF? that could be a NUCLEAR weapon! it is going to emit radiation! How plenty nonsense can one uneducated fool spew out in only one question? Why would we sell nukes to countries we don’t want to have them? only wow…..


A) That would promote war in between countries

B) There might come a time when we’ll need nuclear weapons, better safe than sorry

Because we can’t trust certain countries with nuclear weapons.

Good point. I’ll bet the terrorists like hamas, hezbollah and alquida would pay big bucks for these.
Why let Iran get the money and not us.

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