Why do many christians only follow the New Testament, and ignore the Old Testament?

I’ve heard from many christians how they say that only fundamentalists take the Old Testament seriously, that the Old Testament is no longer applicable to modern days so Jesus gave us the New Testament.

What makes christians think they can decide what to believe and what not to believe in the bible. If…

It’s called cherry picking. christians do it better than any other religion.

The old testament is just so against what christianty has been very methodically shaped into that they just ignore it like the elephant in the corner. Jesus says throughout the o.t. to the still follow the old laws, then he says let he without sin cast the first stone and suddenly everything else goes out the window.

The more I study religion the more I know man has never worshipped anything but himself.

The New Testament will tell them how the Old Testament applies after Jesus’ death on the cross. The distinction between the law which was given to Moses but grace and truth which came through Jesus Christ is found in John 1:17. Jesus has fulfilled the law for all who believe Him as their Lord and Savior so Christians need not have to obey the law to attain their own righteousness by works (Phillipians 3:9). Romans 10:4 states that Christ is the end of the law for righteousness for everyone who believes. Romans 6:14 tells us that sin shall have no dominion over us for we are not under the law but grace. If we attempt to be justified by the law we would fall from grace (Galatians 2;21; 5:4). Worst still if Christians go back to the works of the law they are under the curse (judgment) of the law (Galatians 3:10). So it is important for Christians to know how the grace and truth that came through Jesus Christ has changed the application of the law which was given to Moses.

Christ specifically taught that the rituals and things like the dietary laws did not apply to Christians.

He was also very specific about other aspects. For example, the Mosaic law said an adulterer should be stoned to death. christ said no “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

Also–that the WHOLE of the Law is contained in two commendmendts: “Love god” and “love thy neighbor as thyself.” He was also quite sepcific about what this meant–“do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And the Sermon on the Mount.

Paul repeatedly confirmed this. Christians were NOT bound by Mosaic law. He taught tht soe conformity that law was prudent, for various reasons–but not as a doctrine.

Christians are bound by the law of God–but under the teachings of Christ, that–in its entirety–is summarized inthe points I ‘ve mentioned, and fully explicated in the rest of the New Testament.

And–while fundamentalists tend to use the Old Testament to a greater extent than Christians, they share this view–real fundamentalists. The right-wing imposters like Pat Robertson, Ted Hagard, and similar “preachers” and their followers are not following Christ’s teachings, as fundamentalists or otherwise.

out of your question, I experience which you’re a non-Christian. As a Christian, i will enable you comprehend that Paul never reported that the ten Commandments have been cancelled with the aid of a human sacrifice spoke of as Jesus. What the recent testomony teaches (all the recent testomony, inclusive of Paul) is that Jesus is the Lamb of G-d that takes away the sins of the international. The regulation is the place we detect the understanding that we are sinners and in want of G-d’s forgiveness and elegance. The regulation in the experience of the ten Commandments became into no longer carried out away with, in any different case there’d be no want of a suffering Messiah that takes away the sins of the international (“…and with the aid of his stripes we are healed…”) Christianity replaced lots because of the fact the recent testomony situations and not for the extra suitable. the recent testomony does not prepare that Jesus did away with the ten Commandments, merely some Christian Bible interpreters, preachers, denominational leaders enable you comprehend that. this is an opinion this is no longer supported in the recent testomony. the only regulation the recent testomony refers to as abolished is the ceremonial regulation that had to do with bringing animal sacrifices(that have been on a scroll beside the Ark of the Covenant), no longer the ethical regulation (the ten Commandments that have been interior the Ark of the Covenant below the mercy seat representing the government of G-d). Christianity teaches that in the process G-d’s kingdom there will be no ought to deliver animal sacrifices, as anybody would be righteous. additionally, Christianity teaches that because of the fact Jesus suffered because of the fact the Lamb of G-d, Christians want no longer deliver an animal sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins. the only reason some Christians will confer with the regulation being carried out away with is to objective to make the commandment concerning the seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday) out of date, and perchance additionally to make the commandment concerning the prohibition of idols and icons out of date. Such misinterpretation of the recent testomony is against the prepare of religion of Jesus and His early followers, and those that attempt to make the recent testomony say what it does not say will ought to provide an account to G-d for his or her disobedience and insurrection.

The whole bible is outdated and that’s what has most Atheists pissed off. People try to rationalize the teachings in the bible that could be relevant to today’s society, but completely ignore the fact that most of the bible isn’t relevant anymore. It drives me crazy because if there were a god then he would have been smart enough to keep up with the times when he dictated the bible. He would have seen that things today would have been drastically different and thus would have written the bible so that things didn’t become outdated.

I thought he was supposed to be perfect?

I thought the old testament was Judaism…and the new is about Jesus so…..maybe the new testament is christian only

Because the old testament contains most – but not all – of the deeply distasteful and often provably wrong passages in the bible. Though of course they latch onto old testament passages that they like to use to justify prejudice – like ones that are homophobic.

They shouldn’t. Jesus said in the new testament that he didn’t come to change the laws, but to abide by them, and every “jot and tittle” remains.

The Bible contains both the “Old and New”…and it is all the inspired word of God…it is not part one and part two…it is the Bible. 66 books taken as a whole.

The coming of Christ, His death and resurrection is the fulfillment of the Mosaic Laws of the Torah and Talmud, not the abandonment of them.

The Old Testament is the recorded history of the chosen people/Israel. It was about the Laws of God that the chosen of God were to live by in order to be righteous and in right standing with God, without which we would not have known that we were sinners. Because without the Law there would be no sin. It was our tutor and example and demonstrated that we are sinners and that because of our sins against the Laws of God, we would all die in paying the penalty for our sins.

A Messiah was prophesied in the Old Testament writings who would save the Jews and Gentiles alike. The New Testament writings are recordings of the life and teachings of the Messiah…Jesus.

Jesus Christ who fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies concerning the coming of the Messiah…approx. 400 of them, and fulfilled the Mosaic Law by paying the penalty for our sins for all time, is Lord and Savior to those who believe.

Even in our secular court system, when one is tried and the time is served, they cannot be tried for the same crimes again.

We as Christians are pardoned from our “sins/crimes” committed according to the Law of God, by having faith in Christ, because Christ took our punishment upon himself and paid it in our place, and we are free because of Him, the freely given gift of God…and in our freedom we strive daily to live as Christ would have us live, out of love for the One who saved us, who spared us from the requirement of paying the penalty for our sins against God, which is death.

We cannot be tried again because our sins are paid for by Christ, therefore if we have faith in Him, we
are not bound by the law, but we obey Christ’s final two commandments that sum up the entire law, to the best of our ability, out of love for our Lord…asking for His help to do so.

“Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.” And. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Against this there is no Law….

I believe the whole Bible. I am a Biblical fundamentalist in that I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and you can even call me a Radical in that my faith will not be compromised. Look at the two “fundamentals” of all of Christ’s teaching listed directly above, and this is how I choose to live my life.

It filters out a lot of the things that make it tougher to live by. (according to the book)

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