Why do always asian people listen or cover Justin Bieber songs?

When ever i go somewhere it always asian (like chinese, japanese etc) dudes listening to justin bieber songs. and when ever there is a justin bieber cover on youtube its always asians? why?? search it urself on youtube write any justin bieber song cover n all the dudes that do the cover will be asian!

I assume you’re living in an area where your “asians” are listening to Bieber’s music.

The truth is, there is no evidence or answer supporting your question nor answering it, of course. IF there was a scientific statistic sent out, I’d be surprised.

My answer is, no definite answer. My “asians” hate Justin Bieber or don’t care about him, so it must be a trend in your area, or you’re just focusing too much on the Eastern people. Why don’t you focus on the other groups? As far as I’m concerned, group-tageted music has a purpose: to be sent out to the right group.

Certainly you’re focusing too much on the asians and not your own personal groups.

And by dudes, I assume you mean “girls”.

Because Justin Bieber is f##king awesome. A lot of people do his covers and a lot of people listen to Justin. A lot of Asians put their covers to all types of songs on YouTube.

You would have to be familiar with popular music in Japan to understand. A lot of Japanese people are into “pop” music and Justin Bieber is right up that alley.

Hammer Smashed Face

certainly isn’t only asians singing his songs.. perhaps a few. but that goes all around the board. pretty sure you would find plenty of other people singing justin bieber songs..

and besides who really cares? you maybe, only a person who likes his songs would notice that..

Omg, learn some grammar.

Does “why do always asian people listen” make sense? I think not.

You should be ashamed of yourself for knowing such things. I mean technically you would HAVE to be searching for covers of his songs to know that.

Im gonna hope youre making this up.

no f**k that i will never listen to his shetty music. no f**kin way. but some of my asian friends do think he’s catchy but there are plenty of other asians that wanna castrate him if he actually has balls

Justin Beiber is white and asian girls love white guys alot for some reason. Their dream is to marry one some day.

Because its whats popular

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