What things would you never do again in a relationship or dating?

My list goes like this.

1. Cheat.
2. Date the village bike.
3. Date a smoker.
4. Pay for everything
5. Get her name tattooed of my arm.
6. Give her a 4,000 ring.
7. Forget her birthday.
8. Forget the date of the frist or date or when u asked her to be urs.
9. Forget the favorite song.
10. Look at her…

Good list. Sounds like you’ve learned some important lessons. Here’s an edited version of mine:
I will never again do this in a relationship:
1. Believe him when he says he’ll never cheat again
2. Cook special things.
3. Take sex for granted
4. fantasize about his brother
5. Lie.
6. Say bad things about his mother to him
7. Compare him to his father.
8. Let him know I’m smarter.

You do realize that 12 and 16 could contradict each other, right?

As far as my list goes, no more dating people who:

1. Don’t have an age appropriate job
2. Can’t balance a check book
3. Are morally opposed to mental health treatment (even if they don’t need it now, you never know what the future might hold).

Which actually, can be summed up in one item:

From now on, I will not parent my significant other

Here’s my list:

1. Let things go without comment.
2. Compare him to a previous lover.
3. Be ‘too nice’ to another guy in his presence.
4. Cook his favorite foods (makes him fat).
5. Ask permission (about anything).
6. Explain too much.
7. Introduce him around too soon.
8. Write love letters.
9. Move in or let him move in.
10. Let him answer for me.

Good list.

I will never again:
1. Stay with someone because I feel sorry for them, am used to being with them, or because I’m afraid they will harm themselves if I dump them.
2. Talk crap about his mother to him.
3. Pay for everything.
4. Be with a guy who requires me to talk with him at least four hours everyday.
5. Stay with a cheater.
6. Let him see when I first wake up.
7. Tell him all of my problems.
8. Trust him too much.
9. Distrust him too much.
10. Criticize his every move.

You pretty much covored it. I would add to the list have sex with her sister, or mother. And also falling asleep during sex.

I will not ever cheat again and i will not date a smoker again or date a man who wont work.
oh yeah i wont get married again either!




My list is similar, but no one’s perfect.

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