What kinda fan are you when your favorite team loses?

A – “Oh they just had a bad game.They’ll do better next time.”

B – “The other team F**king cheated!!! F**king refs suck!!! That game was rigged!!!

C – “WTF!!! They suck!!! They’re not my favorite team anymore!!!

D – other

A usually.

i love the chargers. whenever they lost to panthers a punched my dresser and hurt my wrist and told my friends who were talking crap [im from nc] that it was a fluke..i mnea it WAS

and when they lost las week i blamed it on the ref. bc had the ref not made a bad call then we would have won.

edit: heck yeah, you watching them whoop up on farve now 🙂
even though we just fumbled and they got it :/ 🙁 oh well WE GOT THIS 🙂 haha

Phoenix Suns because i grew up in Phoenix.But now no fan of any Pro Basket ball team as there is just too much ME ME see Me and a gangster image and individual show offs which leads me to think they brought the ghetto with them and most are too immature to know how to deal with success.When i was a Kid the old Boston Celtics were a real joy to watch and you actually learned what team play meant and Bill Russell was one of the greatest ball players ever.

D- other
Depends, if it is a important game like tonight, then yeah, I’m wicked pissed, but I never say they cheat or want to switch teams. If I am at the pub and someone from the winning team keeps talking smack, well, I think you may know the answer.

D-Man,that really sucks but I don’t get overly worked up,it’s ONLY a game not something that should have a drastic[even momentary]affect on my life.But,I’m pretty happy with my team this year.

I’m a Gator fan.3-0 Suckas! =D

I’m a die-hard Giants fan, no matter what the circumstance. If they Giants are getting blown out, I’m still there in the 9th inning.

It depends how they loose if they get their @ss kicked , then not that amd.

if they loose a game they should win then watch out i am in a BAD MOOD

A-It’s cause Billups wasn’t on it tonight. When he’s on fire the whole team is on fire

**the person I am talking to rolls his/her eyes after I say this**

B especially when it comes to soccer

A and B….depends how the game went…lol…whoo!! LAKERS!

I LOVE my Cowboys no matter how they do!!!!

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