What do you think of the racist comments Donald Sterling made?

As a person of color, I’m almost glad he made these statements. He has a Black and Mexican girlfriend which proves that White people, even when they “allow” people of color into their inner-circle are still just as racist as any other White person.

It seems as though a lot of White people’s knee…

It just shows that the current system doesn’t eliminate racism.

It just forces people to hide it.

I literally see that as a sweep-dirt-under-the-rug method.

It’s not fixing anything.

The way to eradicate racism isn’t to boycott stuff and break things and run riots.

We have to win people over.

I don’t see that that is being done in any efficient way.

If you don’t do something correctly and look for a quick fix, it’s going to rear its ugly head again.

If you treat a disease with a short, weak antibiotic… it will come back even worse than before.

Conquering racism is more than fighting fire with fire.

Fight fire with water.

Fight blind hate with an eye-opener.

Show the person that you are… *gasp* better than they are… more patient… more talented…

I have no opinion, as I have never even heard of Donald Sterling. If I were cynical (gven your account creation date), I’d think you were just trying to stir things up (you know, they way those stirrers – they look like giant mixer wheels – at sewage treatment plants do), but I’m not cynical.

Edit: Oh, NOW I’ve heard of him – he was on the news all day today.

Be careful Scott with how your word things. Martin Luther King never wanted to turn the civil rights movement into a race war. He never excluded non-blacks from his march on Washington. I know because my dad was their, and he’s Chinese. Dr. King saw civil rights not as a fight between b|acks and whites, but as a fight between the just and the unjust. If all you can see out of this is that white people shouldn’t be trusted, all you’re doing is fueling the flames of indifference, and you are an enemy of Dr. King and his dream. Before you get upset, think about what I said. I know you know I’m right.

Sterling is wrong, but not because he’s white. If he were black himself, he would still be wrong. But Sterling is just one guy. It’s important that society rejects Sterling’s beliefs, but it’s not as important that society rejects him or by extension his race. Because that’s petty and we, as a modern society, should have risen above outrage over an 80 year old man’s personal belief who his prostitute should take pictures with. Should he resign? That’s what the investigation is for. The NBA already knows the tape is accurate and Sterling is a racist. They’ve known for years. What they’re concerned about is whether it has affected his judgment, and treatment of African Americans.

After all, what are they going to do suspend him, like Charles Barkley said? Suspend him from what? Suspend him from coming to games? All he does is pay the players and staff, and hope to gain a profit from it. If they could just give the team to someone else, the NBA would love to do that. But you need someone with money who wants the team. They can’t just say, ok, you can’t be owner anymore. Then who’s going to pay Chris Paul and Doc Rivers and Blake Griffin?

I really don’t think about it much.

I believe it’s all just a publicity stunt.

Donald Sterling is a rich man, but not a clever man.

What a sad man. I never choose people by their skin color, nationality, physical appearance, finance.

I just don’t understand why he doesn’t want African American in the game. Most clients, NBA players are black in the stadium are African American. If he don’t like that why don’t he own NHL team that are in Canada. I don’t understand why he dated a woman who has an African American blood.

The comment made his life bad. If he want a good life, he should apologize.

There are many things I learned from him. Be careful what you say, never trust anyone. People will always talk, make a gossip, expose, someone will be always listening, watching you, voice recording what you say, shooting you by camera, video camera.

I often voice record when someone said racist or rude words.

It is not that serious, People are way too sensitive. Its blown out of proportion. Then again Sterling is an idiot for saying that to the public. No way anyone would sweep it under the rug

I do not hate Black people.
I do not hate anyone.

I do not think about this Donald Sterling guy at all.

That white people still view African Americans as slaves and less than them. That he has no respect for people of color just because they are black regardless of their accomplishments. And that he CLEARLY should have a team VOID of black PLAYERS FANS COACHES ect ect. If that is NOT acceptable then HE SHOULD NOT BE A PART OF THE NBA.

I didn’t hear one word that sounded racist I am so disgusted with the media, the NBA, the ditzy trouble making mistress attempting to distort twist and manipulate his words to be racist and all of society screaming racism. I’ve been aware that our government and the media intend to “dumb us down”. Didn’t realize my fellow Americans were already there.

I dont know who he is but as you dont know every white person in the world that makes you a bit that way yourself

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