What did or didn’t Jimmy Carter do to make him such a bad president?

~Let me see, Gerry Ford’s campaign button read WIN, for Whip Inflation Now, so the recession must have started after Carter took office and Ford was being omniscient. Clearly it was Jimmy Carter that convinced the oil producing nations that it was high time they got a fair price for their national natural resources and Jimmy Carter was the driving force that created OPEC and escalated worldwide oil prices. Maybe Jimmy thought that if he could create OPEC and push gas prices through the ceiling, someone would invent a synthetic fuel made from peanuts and his farm would make money again. Jimmy’s record on human rights and personal liberty is a disgrace. Why should all of “those people” have rights, health care and education and affordable housing? The man was insane. And that little episode with Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin was a farce. I used to so enjoy watching those fleets of Egyptian tanks being take out by two little Jewish girls with slingshots. Jimmy’s basic morality, sincerity and honesty had no place whatsoever in the halls of power in Washington. My God, we had an alien as president before either a Black or a woman. His economic policies, what he managed to get through to boondoggle of pork-barrel politics, never had a chance. Ronnie Raygun saw to that. Affordable health care? Who needs it as long as we’ve got welfare and medicaid. Education? Well, judging from what I read on this site, Jimmy was wasting his time and effort on that one. Streamlining the federal bureaucracy? Now why would anyone in his right mind want to do that. Certainly not the neo-con republicans who followed him and created a bureaucracy to study the federal bureaucracy only to conclude it would cost too many votes to get rid of it. (Oops, maybe that’s why he lost.)

The hostages. Okay, maybe Jimmy dropped the ball on that one. It was Jimmy’s fault that Khomeini hated him and vowed the hostages wouldn’t be released while he was in power. Of course, the deal Regan made that the hostages be held until his inauguration was something we should never forgive Carter for. All Carter had to do to get the hostages back was to release the hundreds of billions of dollars of Iranian assets in the US we had seized before the hostages were taken. That money was the Shah’s and we were holding it for him. We put the Shah in power in 1954, we trained and assisted SAVAT in keeping him there and we hadn’t given up on putting him back. Perhaps if we hadn’t reneged on the F-14 deal, was Iran had paid for in full, the hostages wouldn’t have been taken, but we weren’t about to deliver the planes without our pal in the cockpit. Oh, yeah, we refused to deliver before the hostages were taken.

What Jimmy did do was to cooperate with Khomeini and some of the very people who were holding the hostages to start the insurgency in Afghanistan. That one I don’t forgive him for, but it was Regan that actually got the ball rolling. Those “freedom fighters”, “patriots” and “nationalists” as we called them then are now known as “terrorists” “warlords” and “The Taliban”. Same people, new sobriquets. Depends on whether or not they’re working as our pawns or not, I guess. Anyhow, it was Jimmy and Zibnew Brezinski that got that ball rolling and caused Kabul to ask Moscow for help. Naturally when Moscow answered the call for help from an ally and sent in the troops, we called it a Russian invasion and we stepped up our support for the guerrillas and terrorist that we were sponsoring. Giving his track record, even if Jimmy hadn’t started it, Ronnie would have. That may have been part of the deal he made with Khomeini to hold the hostages until he took office, but I’m only guessing. Those papers aren’t fully declassified yet.

So just why is it that you call Jimmy Carter a bad president. History certainly doesn’t. In fact, he’s in the top 10 and, with a second term, would have easily made the top 5.

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What did or didn’t Jimmy Carter do to make him such a bad president?

Jimmy Carter was never supposed to be President. It just happened to him. Carter graduated in the top 10 of his class at Annapolis and went on to earn a Ph.D in nuclear engineering. With a Ph.D he can pronounce it anyway he wants. Carter was groomed by Adm. H. Rickover to eventually take Rickover’s place in the Navy (that would be head of the Submarines. All the Submarines and the training and maintenance and everything else connected to the subs) But, James E. Carter, Sr. died suddenly and Jimmy had to quit the Navy and become a peanut farmer. Eventually he ran for the state legislature and for governor of Georgia. He ran for President at a time when all he had to do was flash that smile and say “I’m Jimmy Carter and I’m not Richard Nixon” and win.

If his father had not died and Jimmy stayed in the Navy we might be talking about Admiral Carter and how the submarines protected us from the USSR during the times of Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan. But, that’s not what happened.

Read more about him and his times and come to your own, supported, position. I built houses with him and will say that no one is more a gentleman than President Carter. Even when he accidentally bashes his thumb with a hammer putting up drywall.

Jimmy Carter was, in my belief, one of the last basically honest politicians and he was naive enough to believe that others were as honest as he was – therefore he was not a power monger or war monger. He was a well meaning klutz that would make a good subdivision association president but made a lousy president for a major world power nation. He also gave the world a new way to pronounce the word “nuclear” as “nuke que ler”. Maybe Mayberry needs a mayor.

Among everything listed so far is his moves in Iran which led to the Islamic facist movement and terrorism against the US. As president Carter accused the Shah of Iran of human rights violations and undermined his rule. Carter persuaded the Shah to release Khomeini’s cohorts from prison, and allow Khomeni to return to Iran. Jimmy Carter made possible the Islamic Revolution.” The Ayatolla Khomeni was the first to push for an Islamic revolution.

Double-digit unemployment
Hiding in the “rose garden” during the Iran hostage crisis
Appeasing the Soviets at every turn
Bizarre immigration policies that allowed unlimited immigration from Great Britain and only 10000 Poles
The OPEC oil embargo
Little environmental problems like the Love Canal
Bert Lance
Cyrus Vance
The Southern “mafia” of nincompoops who were completely incompetent.

He’s a much better former president than he ever was leader of the free world.

Well, he didn’t handle the Iran Hostage situation very well. I don’t really have any other complaints. He’s a great human being though– a really really good person. Since his presidency he’s been negotiating peace all over the world and helping people. I wish Bush was half the human being Jimmy Carter is.

Well, interest rates and inflation skyrocketed when he was in office. So, I guess that he would have to accept responsibility for that, since he was the president.

Plus, the Iranian hostage situation, was terrible, and he authorized the launch of an operation to try and rescue them, and it turned out terribly. I think that 19 of our servicemen died on the deserts of Iran. Plus, he did this a month before the elections, and it was obvious that he tried this operation, so he could get reelected. He really wasn’t a good president.

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The list is way too long.

But for starters: I can remember waiting for hours and hours with my dad in line at the gas station, thanks to Carter and his “energy policies” and also I remember that inflation and unemployment were through the roof. The Iran thing was another big one too, Carter was a real weenie.

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