Thoughts on Sarah Palin possibly becoming the Republican nominee in 2012?

Is anyone else scared that Sarah Palin has thoughts about a possible run for president in 2012? I seriously think that I will move to Canada if that happens…she is so ignorant and she has the craziest views on the right side of things.

I think it is a huge possibility that she will become the Republican…

I seriously doubt that will happen.
As the party is divided into two basic groups right now, operative word divided. She may get the religious right, but the true intellectual right, never gave her a second thought, and that won’t change.
Palin has a LOT of homework to catch up on before she will be taken seriously. Too many were afraid of the Bush mentality remaining at the top. Which has been our undoing over the last eight years. Just look around you, if you doubt me.
Two mismanaged wars on two fronts.
unemployment still on the rise, and beyond record highs.
home foreclosures still on the rise.
major businesses failing.
major banks failing.
record oil profits, sucking the life blood from what remains of this economy.
consumer confidence at its lowest point in 5 years, do to all of the above factors. And no one on the Bush team seems to get that.

But yes, if they do give her another chance, that would scare the crap out of me. I hope people are smarter than that. Yikes!

If she does run she wouldn’t be elected. It would actually create a better change of Obama being re-elected, because as you can see from the answers by the Republicans, pretty much no one likes her. Shes not smart enough to run against Obama or the other leading Republican contenders by herself, there is no way she would win the nomination. Shes too “maverick” for the Repulicans (more like absolutely insane).

I say go for it.

I would absolutely love the Republicans to choose Palin as their nominee in 2012.

It will be “The Land Slide Part 2”

She is not as polished as most politicians, but her approach to economics as shown by her actions in alaska is not nearly as bad as the doctrinaire “all tax cuts are good” supply siders that have been running the economy for the last eight years. She also as the advantage is that she is not a strong candidate because many people agree with you, so it increases the likelihood that Obama will win

I am mostly just amused at the reaction from the liberals about this.

Many of you might even end up voting for Palin after you see the mess Obama makes of the place.

The only reason that the Republican Party would nominate her would be in the role of “Designated Loser” much the same as Bob Dole in 1996. He was the ONLY failed VP running mate to be subsequently named to the top of his party’s ticket since 1964. And for good reason.

If the Republicans are dumber than I thought, they will call on her.
And she will be most happy to run. She is so full of it that she thinks that she is actually smart.
And I will absolutely love it. She will be a hoot to debate without
canned answers.

I hope she does. It will guarantee another Democrat will win the presidency in 2012.

It is not as scary if you watch Palin with 3-D glasses and a bowl of popcorn.

it would be a great thing,,,for you to move to Canada.Palin is going to prove she is a great leader like GWB,after all,,,he protected the cowardly libs as well as good Americans for the past 8 years.
call me if you need help packing

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