Tall girls wearing heels unattractive?

I’m only 15 and 5’9 & a quarter to be exact lol. I think heels are super sexy and feminine, but I dont feel comfortable in them. I know models are really tall and their always wearing like 3 inch heels. I hate comments people make like “omg you cant wear heels you’ll be like 27 feet tall”,…

Whoa girl, are you serious? Do you know how many people out there wants to have your height!? You shouldn’t feel bad about it whatsoever. It’s a rare gift god gave you. Victoria’s Secret model’s, all at least 5’8 and up all wear heels in their fashion show. You should be proud, cause not too many girls are that tall now nowadays. If you have good features, maybe you can decided whether you should be a model too! Tall girls wearing heels aren’t attractive? Think about all those models every girl wants to be!

Pfft! Heels are FANTASTIC, especially when a tall girl can wear them with confidence!

I’m 17 and 6’2″ and addicted to wearing heels. I love the feeling of walking in them and knowing that I’m being noticed. Think of it this way: When you go to the mall, I’m sure that there are plenty of other people there, all walking around, shopping, and minding their own business. None of them really stand out much. It’s all just a large crowd of people.

And then there’s you. Standing at 5’9″ with 3 in heels, towering over the other women, eye-level to many men, and walking confidentally. You’d be sure to catch some eyes, as you’d stand out (but not in a bad way). So many women want to be taller, and you’d be doing just that. You’d command attention and any room or store you walk into, without even trying.

If you like heels, wear them. I’m almost never caught without them. 😉

As a short girl, I have to be honest and say I am jealous of your height. Tall girls actually look great in heels because it makes their legs appear even longer, which is sexy. They say that because they feel threatened. Sometimes a guy might be intimidated if you are taller than him, but that’s only the scary guys that you don’t want anyway.

Don’t listen when people say that. They are just jeleous because it will make you even more taller than them. If you like heels then wear them & I think tall people can wear heels too 😀

Of course not! Taller girls look HOT in heels. 🙂
If you walk with confidence, you will look amazing in heels!
People will envy your long long legs. 😉

Comments from guys:

Tall girls are HOT, ESPECIALLY when they wear heels!

so YES YES YES, tall girls should wear heels!”

“Heels are hot no matter what. Of course, if a girl is already tall, she will risk freaking out some short guys, but that’s a chance you take.”

Haha. 🙂

a girl is never too tall to wear heels!!! i never wore heels in my life because im tall but when i wore them for the first time i got a lot of attention and people thought i was a model …i basically built me confidence and felt like i was on top of everybody .

NO! Be brave! Tall girls wearing heals = nice legs!! I would love to be tall and I have to wear heals to do that! So, don’t worry about it! If someone comments just say “You wish you were this tall!”
Make sure you don’t stand next to a really short guy! lol!

Im 13 and 5′ 8 &1/2 “. I would never DARE to wear heels.i’m already a head taller than majority of the guys in my school. But i know in highschool, the boys get taller so im sure it would be okay in your situation 🙂

Wear heels! Maybe not with everything, but I’m 16 and 5’10 and I love wearing cool platforms and shoes sometimes when I go out. You’re legs will look hot. lol. Trust me

=) good luck!

omg im 5’9 too ! and i hate it and feel uncombfertable wearingg heels but just recently i have been wearing them and dont care especially with skinny jeans it looks gorgeous !

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