Should Illegal Immigrants be given Drivers Licences in california?

A state senator in california is proposing a law that would allow illegal immigrants to have california drivers Licences. I’m 50 50 on this one because I don’t think they should since their in the country illegally and I do think they should because it would make roads more safer. But should they be given…

No, they should not be given, but they should have to do as others do: pass a written test as well as a driving test AND provide current proof of insurance in order to own or drive a vehicle.
To oppose same would mean MORE illegal, unqualified drivers with NO insurance, and those WITH insurance suffering the consequences..

You’re 50-50, I see. You know, people from different countries have to have international drivers licenses before they could drive in the USA, together with their nationally issued DL. Now here, you have illegals, and this senator (I am sure he is a demonrat) is proposing DLs for illegals? See what’s wrong with your state? Soon, your state would be gone, the way your wimpish, mojoless stand on issues like this.

So why don’t you just change your state’s name officially to “Mexifornia.” and get it over and done with!

Foreigners have continuously been waiting to get a worldwide motive force’s license, so the actuality that any state could even evaluate giving a motive force’s license to an alien, criminal or unlawful, is surely retarded (basically like a solid variety of politicians.) All they ought to do to get a worldwide motive force’s license is to stick to criminal channels, and word for one at their embassy. Arizona’s new regulation will artwork, via fact the regulation is in keeping with Federal regulation, which already calls for non-voters to hold with them, in any respect cases, their visa or eco-friendly card. the enormous distinction, and the will for the recent Arizona regulation, is the actuality that legally speaking, without this regulation, Arizona regulation enforcement officers would not be allowed to enforce Federal regulation. yet, they had ought to look ahead to Federal regulation enforcement to take place to enforce the federal regulations. And, via fact there are not sufficient federal regulation enforcement officers in Arizona, they are able to’t be everywhere. via legally permitting Arizona to assist the Federal regulation enforcement officers do their interest, it is going to make it extra handy for the feds, who will then basically ought to come %. them up. As a citizen of america, i’m legally required to hold my motive force’s license or state issued id card, in any respect cases, and can be arrested, if i’ve got not got it. So, why could every person evaluate treating an unlawful alien extra useful than me, a Daughter of the yankee Revolution, and a descendant that arrived in this continent in 1641, a solid some years earlier this land became right into a rustic?

You will be paying them state benefits next. That is what the last socialist government did in the UK to attract 2 million of them into the country. The are relying on their votes to keep Labour permanently in power, they only missed out marginally on that at our last general election, Republicans in the USA watch out for this dirty trick, it could happen to you.

I’m against it since ILLEGAL immigrants deserve no American rights,privileges,nor kind preferential treatment.These ILLEGAL immigrants should go back to their country of orgin,which is where they belong.


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